29 April 2016

Mealworms & Hamsters 101

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hi guys today we are discussing a topic

many of you have asked questions about that is the topic of worms mealworms mealworms are one of the most popular natural treats to feed to hamsters they're also very high in protein and they're very good to add to your hamsters diet but lots of people have lots of questions about them so I am going to try and answer all of those today mealworms can be fed to your hamster in 3 in different ways the first is live at the second is dried and the third is rehydrated dried mealworms can be fed to your hamsters straight from the bag there is nothing special you have to do to prepare them but if you want to you can rehydrate them simply by soaking them in warm water for about 10 to 15 minutes this just makes them a little softer and makes them swell a little and some hamsters find this more appealing live your worms have a slightly higher nutritional value but if you're going to feed live mealworms to your hamster you do need to make sure that you crush their head before feeding it and I know that sounds gross but it is all for the safety of your hamster because hamsters have these big cheek pouches that they like to store food in

it's very likely that your hamster will just grab mealworms and pop it in there and unfortunately mealworms do have very strong jaws and they can give your hamster a nasty bite and lead to things like impacted pouches so if you're going to feed live mealworms just make sure you crush the head before giving it to them to make sure you take away any risk the greatest benefit that feeding mealworms offers is that they're high in animal protein they're also a natural part of a hamsters diet as hamsters are omnivores so they don't just eat plants and vegetation they also eat seeds nuts and insects of course in the wild they would be eating live insects but your pet HAP's don't won't mind a bit if you want to feed them dried instead the protein that mealworms provide can be substituted in a pet hamsters diet for foods like eggs or plain boiled chicken or plain boiled turkey and many other foods however this really is the most natural choice to go for dry mealworms or any other dried insects don't be afraid of your hands to a variety of other insect if you want to locust crickets grasshoppers even shrimps can be loved by hamsters although I would

recommend you feed these dry as they tend to be a lot easier for the hats to do consume there are two places you're most likely to find mealworms for sale the first is in pet shops and the second is in the pet Isle of supermarkets in supermarkets you'll usually find them alongside the wild bird food and they almost always only sell dry your worms if you want live mealworms you're best off going to a pet shop and you'll find them again in the bird section of pet shops or in the reptile section pretty much all mealworms including those soul towards birds and reptiles are fine to feed to hamsters if you're not concerned though you can check on the back of the packaging just to make sure there's no extra things added in it should just be plain mealworms and nothing else this is the big question when it comes to mealworms how many should I feed my hamster and how often should I feed it and can you over feed on them well like most food you can over feed but it's quite difficult with mealworms and unfortunately there's no definite answer when it comes to how much or how often you should feed because everybody has

different opinions you'll see some people suggesting no more than one or two a day others saying no more than once in a while and occasional treat some people will say they feed them in TSP amounts every single day and others say they just mix them in with the food so there are loads of different options I personally choose to feed my hamster a pinch of mealworms with every fresh meal and she seems to be just fine with that she's very healthy I've had no complaints so that's what I'm going to keep on doing if you're overfeeding mealworms you might find that your hamster rapidly gains weight in which case all you need to do is reduce the amount you're feeding if you're ever in doubt about how much you should feed or worried that you're over feeding the safest route is to just go with a couple of mealworms a day or a couple of mealworms every other day just to make sure that you don't over feed them it is very difficult to do but it will give you peace of mind to know that you're definitely not over feeding the last thing to bear in mind is that there is no guarantee that your hamster will like mealworms and you shouldn't be concerned

if they don't some hamsters like them some hamsters don't and that's just the way it is so I hope I've successfully answered all of your questions about mealworms if you found this video useful please don't forget to leave a thumbs up to help support the channel you can also share this video with your friends and subscribe if you haven't already thanks so much for watching guys and I'll see you next time bye bye