21 November 2013

Meet Deb Foster, Our Pet And Farm Sitter. Red Does Not Miss Us

We are lucky to have Deb Foster as our house and pet-sitter, the most professional and committed pet sitter we have had. She loves our animals, and spends ...

hey yeah so this is the person who takes

care of red and the farm when we're away Deb foster is a house sitter a captain or publicist waitress/waiter counselors are many things and one of Reds favorite people in the world so how does he behave when we're not there does he pine away for us or does he just you take him hurting you take him hurting haha hey does that yeah see I always say to people I don't believe the dogs missed me when I'm away I don't miss them particularly I'm happy to get a break what about the other end why about freedom Oh freedom I love freedom a project for me rumor is that you she let you touch her did you how did she react to that ah she was very relaxed I think until she realized it was happening and then she backed right off but she didn't grow she didn't nip she's she'll bark at me of maria's around other words she's definitely in the North corner is hard to get along with oh yeah and what about some have you bonded with Simon Simon yes I love going out and being with all the donkeys but Simon's always the first one to come up and of course as soon as you get out of the car there's the Bray so there's not much avoiding of Simon he's very loud and always very happy

this anyone so in how about have a mini anybody I love many many and I love Wow is she not a 3d clothes this is she's been somewhat eclipsed by minis troubles but yeah but you know mini is much like a couple or just in control and here's the way things are gonna be okay this is my bed now the debut you obviously do a lot of this pet sitting at all and yes thank you and you obviously love it yes and what if you could just say a word about what it's like to be a pet sir you know it's really it's a privilege I love my animals I was lucky to get from my mother who loved it's an incredible privilege that people trust you but also with their animals too obviously if you appreciate so much I hope you cats but I can't have a dog because arriving into other people's homes so much so I feel like I just have a whole menagerie I love they each have their own personalities and that looks pretty happy to see oh well I want to thank you you know it's great for when we do go away we just don't even have to think about it which is very nice I can't tell you how many people ask me who takes

care of the animals so what a great chance to meet them Thank You Deb any other anecdotes you want to pass along Barisan many is doing really really well and she is quite the little lover and really makes sure that I get all my chores done in the morning she kind of know what the chief have you bonded with the Sheep yes I was very when TAS died we were harder to get to know they weren't they um not so much freedom she comes right up and you know we have little conversations and she doesn't give it away does she know she's the absolutist of the crowd but I you know I love animals like that who are so full of personality in our group who are like you know what I'm in charge here and so you're gonna learn how to work with me I'm not lurking that's great and that is freedom yeah well good what's the time in the next book you know that I think ribs turns gonna come up Richie I'm gonna get this Thank You read a little piece of law huh see he really is thank you