14 September 2018

Meet My Service Dog In Training Partner!

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hi you guys its grace and today I wanted

to talk to you guys about my service dog and training that I'm going to be working with this semester and I wanted to share a little bit about our first day together because it was a blast my canine partner is named Nico he's a black lab he has been a part of the program for I think three semesters now that means that he knows a lot of the basic tasks that he should know in order to become a service dog but we are still working on some of the little quirks and other behaviors that are possibly more difficult a little bit about Nico he has a retinal fold which means his eyes don't look straight at you so it doesn't affect his ability to work when he's looking straight at you it might look like he's looking a little off to the side got him all health checked and everything and made sure he had good hips other joints like all of his help was great so he could continue helping a handler for his entire working life some of his little quirks that were working through because at this point he does know a lot of the basics so we're working on more of the behavioral side of things making sure he's 100% ready to

be an assistance animal the first one is he's very mouthy when he meets people so he'll say hi and like just take their hands or arms or whatever so what we do with that it tell him to take something in his mouth and then he just takes that in his mouth and then he can say hi and since he has something in his mouth he'll just wag his tail and be happy to see them without like taking their arm in his mouth or something like that and then kind of going along with that when in a house and someone first comes in the door he'll kind of like nip at calves it doesn't hurt I went and saw him today and he kind of was doing it it is just something that he obviously wouldn't be able to do if he was placed because of all that stuff he's on a people band right now or people diet as we've been calling it so he doesn't get to say hi to people most service dogs it's generally known that you don't let them you know like say hi to everybody that they see because then it takes away their focus from their handler for the dogs in training we generally have the final decision like do we want to let someone pet our dog or do we not

so for Neko we're not supposed to let hardly anybody pet him and if we do it has to be in a really controlled environment he did get to say hi to one of my friends the other day and that went really really well and then the second thing we're working on is leash reactivity when he sees other dogs on leash he gets really uncomfortable and he'll sometimes bark at them or tense up get a little bit uncomfortable so that's the other thing we're working on or using bat training so basically what we do is we walk him towards something that makes him uncomfortable until we see the first signs of discomfort and we stop and then we have him check in with us until he's relaxed again and then we leave so that's one of the techniques were working on and then another thing that we're really working on with him is called check it so if he sees another dog or anything that makes him uncomfortable we say check it and he's supposed to look at the thing that makes him uncomfortable and then look right back at us and we reward that those are just a couple of the little quirks that were working on that he needs to work through

before he can be placed but his placements probably going to be coming up here pretty soon maybe at the end of this semester or the end of spring semester depending on how quickly he can work through this stuff and of course we're not rushing him through any of it because we don't focus on placing the dog we focus on what's truly best for the dog so we don't want to place him before he's ready and we also want to place him in a situation or a place that would work well with him so I'll talk more about placing in another video so I met him and my human partner whose name is Allie on Sunday it's now Friday I will make a video specifically talking about the tasks that he knows I'll have him every Monday half of the day on Tuesday and on Thursdays if there's any other day that my partner can't take him then I would take him those days too and then I'll probably have him most Saturdays will go on public outings and stuff I am back at school now this is my dorm over at the summer I was uploading a video twice a week or trying to but now I'll be going back to once a week last year I was not very good about

uploading regularly but this year I actually have an animal that I'll be working with regularly on campus a lot of my videos will be service dog related for the next couple months and then I'll be back home for j-term I do have other videos planned with Wally and my pets at home but of course I have to be at home to film them I just had my first three days of class they weren't really great I had Nico for one day I had him yesterday on Thursday I had two classes my first class was an hour long I picked him up quite a ways before we went to lunch together the only two places on campus Nico isn't allowed we have like the main buffet cafeteria that's where he's not allowed but the other food places on campus he is allowed the only reason he's not allowed in the buffet is because it's to serve yourself kind of thing and then there's one hallway in the basement of one of the agricultural buildings and it's the food science edition so that's where they process all the foods like dairy the meats like all of that stuff to process down there so we're not allowed down there together for just food safety reasons

and the dorms that's the other place her University requirements obviously if someone had a service dog on campus they would be allowed in the dorms but the service dogs in training in the program aren't allowed there currently but they're allowed anywhere else he kind of has this funny little Chewbacca noise that he makes when he's laying there so he'll like stretch and just go so he did that a couple times in class while he was stretching and like the people around me just kind of chuckled it was pretty funny which isn't something we would correct because it's just him normal dog noises we had a break in between so I went to the library and up in one of the group study rooms with a friend of mine and Miko and we were just kind of hanging out I gave him a little Nylabone to chew on to give him some mental stimulation in between classes because it would be kind of noisy during class and they're supposed to just be able to lay there without anything to do then we went to our lab section was a two-hour class and he did great through that as well which I've kind of expected from him because he has been in the

program for a long time and it's just kind of shaping behaviors at this point and working through those couple little things that need work tomorrow I'm taking him to the rodeo and on a couple public outings because my partner will not be available to train him please like this video if you enjoyed it comment below any of those questions about the program or anything else you have and subscribe to my channel and don't forget to that Bell icon so you get notified whenever I post a new video I'll see you next time [Music]