25 August 2018

Mel wearing Hijab by force? Mick Thomson Slipknot guitar? | Special 30k Subs FAQ

Thank you for spending your time with MelSickScreamoAnnie :) May peace be upon us all.. T-shirt: "Waiting for the next Necrophagist album" from Instagram ...

i want to say thank for you all

who watched my videos and subscribed it's a special video 30k subscribers youtube MelSickScreamoAnnie and i'll answer most frequent question asked by netizen let's start it age? in this 2018, i'm 21 years old then where did you learned guitar? from bros, friends, internet, never had private lesson/go to music school Where are you from? Do you have a band? yes, i play in.. Sundanese progressive technical death metal band Helaragon and you can stream/buy our digital EP in Bandcamp Are you being forced to wear hijab? like everytime, everyone always asking me "Are you being forced?" whatever i'm so realized that i am beautiful k, mates. so, i want to present my most beautiful part only for certain people did you know? why vampire on tv/movies most of them love to bites the neck of beautiful woman did you know what?

because it looks delicious and i prepare it for my future to be.. vampire.. husband lol i wore hijab since i entered vocational high school (16 y.o) pure, my own desire/decision without force my vocational high school isn't like some of islamic boarding school where all the female student must wear hijab once again, i tell you it's pure my own decision, my own desire without force from others so, the answer of .... think "healthy" because, most people believe what media says you know what? one people made mistake, and you judge all people that related even the religion itself without knowing the real truth ironically, this case is same as in metal world where metal music always judged as bad music what can we do.. must be patient alot and then my new guitar looks like Mick Thomson guitar it's a Glaive series one of X-series part of Ibanez yes, very similar with Mick Thomson guitar MTM100

the differences.. my guitar is fixed bridge, backward headstock, and there's no "seven" typography on the fretboard actually, my guitar dream is like.. Steffen Kummerer guitar Obscura's guitarist & vocalist wow, look at that sexy guitar :3 but.. the one which is affordable (by me) with a little similar shape my Glaive is close to Steffen's i bought that Glaive, secondhand i decided to buy it because it's also a rare guitar (now) once again, thank you guys for spending your time with MelSickScreamoAnnie channel i hope you enjoy every video i uploaded and presented for you all see you in the next video, daahh..