12 August 2019

Memes that i like to watch with my dog

memes #stolen #compilation Intro Song: HERB- Moving.


do I finally finished my book about nutmeg well it's about time no Kevin it's about nut dear diary [Music] [Laughter] [Music] thanks Obama to water church sapphire okay mina-san konnichiwa it's me tofu challenge do you have a bread that is taking up too much space in your house I want you to send me that thread I'm accepting all types packets sour drove loaf of bread potato bread Coolio's pita bread bagel banana bread communion wafers and all other breads and for a limited time you can send me not one but two breads that's right not one that's two breads what am I doing with the bread see it's a secret call now 1 800 good bye for now [Music] let's couldn't see out of the plane because of angled landing Engineers put together a solution the Concorde featured a droops new droop snoot with the snoot would droop the snoot truth [Music] [Music]

it's Fox 5 and I'd like to report a light sunny day today with light showers maybe ok good so are you enjoying your first Halloween trend oh yeah no this is great we should do this we should do this more often actually it's only one day you can do it Trent oh it's a special day yeah it is special I'm getting a little bit thirsty though all right we can start heading home after this next one chick trees oh my what are you supposed to be young man I'm a cowboy are you serious there you go Thanks have a hat yeah sorry can I please have a cup of water Tran no I'll go get a cup of water that's okay that's a thankless we're gonna head off she has a cup of water okay well I don't have one but I could make trying could make one for you what I don't have it like here right now I could go make it look are you gonna fill up a cup well it's not it's not really making it you just you're going to fill up you're just getting it happy Halloween pet you your dog was thinking he's a nasty boy I'm it we've lived together for six years we love each other all that really hurt doggie okay no

off-topic questions because I don't want to know there's no permission denied that's an autop of questions next you have been stopped he saw people in the streets ready to put 20 18 in the rear view mirror and say hello to 2019 we also saw this dog with a banana [Music] [Music] hey kids don't eat iPods eatin Borger this meme was sponsored by McDonald border get get your make your mix Sam see I told you so I have to touch it no one touches the tractus sample boom-boom in here you say way oh there's one right there I'm not gonna get on a silly little tricycle hurry come on you sure failure [Music] so you see that's where the trouble began I've smile that damn smart asked me if I'm a truck are you a truck my home hey goop what's up cool binder to do over my ass today they all hated me go stupid go crazy go stupid Trek oh come on donkey look at him in his real little boots you know how many cats can wear boots honestly let's keep them

listen so now you ever heard the sound of a rubber ball breaking a window ah I wish careful deeper this this is my new home with that picture oh my god what are you wearing I just wanted you to watch me booth you almost on my iPhone 8 plus 64 gigabytes little gold but Apple Care warranty for 2 years [Music]