16 August 2013

Memphis can SPEAK and Preparing for CAMPING!

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make sure to comment rate and subscribe so for those of you that own a vehicle you know that vehicles need maintenance well my Jeep needed brakes on the front driver's side for a long time and actually we weren't that worried about it cuz the caliper quit working so it wasn't really doing anything anyway but the Jeep still stopped now we got the trailer we decided it's probably a really good idea to fix it plus I don't drive the blue Jeep as much as we drive the red Jeep but I got to show you guys this what is it a rotor that's my old rotor and that shiny thing over there jamie has is what it's supposed to look like and all that rust at his feet is what came out of there yeah I got a new one of those too and some new ones of those hi Memphis how are you whoa spring loaded puppy Memphis can you speak can you speak speak come on I know you can do it Memphis speak that's a jump come on Memphis speak yeah it's good come on speak good girl there you guys get to hear her speak for the first time not really the first time she spoke before but you know haha so we were getting ready to go camping yay um Jamie got the

brakes fixed on my Jeep he's getting some work done in the house this is gonna be a very short vlog but I'll show you guys what I've been doing while he's been catching up on work so we can have fun this weekend so he's gonna have fun my Sean Memphis given the Grand Tour alright there you go just like alright this is the doorway I don't know what your voice sounds like yet don't know it's kind of dark turn some light down look ignore that towel that towel doesn't actually stay in here we have a bed with pillows so we actually made the bed I got a comforter and a sheet set and I got some pillows so I never have to worry about not having that stuff again I don't have the slide out slid out right now that's why it looks a lot smaller than before check this out look there's clothes in there never had a place to hang clothes before and then I haven't done this yet this is what I was working on when I saw the camera and I went oh yeah a vlog um that's where all food's gonna go I got all the dog stuff in here the tie out the hatchet poopy bags a lantern that's a crank Lantern to all that fun stuff we got people towel and stuff we don't

know where to put anything when we started packing stuff toaster bags pots and pans all that fun stuff all I remember have Jamie turn the fridge on to so yeah I'm just packing the camper we're getting ready to go camping and yes I will vlog while we're camping this will be Memphis's first camping trip we're not going far we're actually only going about 45 minutes away from home I want to come back outside yeah we're actually only going about 45 minutes away from home mainly because we want to make sure that everything in the camper works before we go on our longer trip we have to longer trips are not longer further away trips coming up so that's what we're doing yeah possibly by the time you guys see this there may be a new video up on the arcade snow dogs Channel yeah we started doing a few more gaming videos so if you haven't gone and checked that out yet its youtube.com slash arcade snow dogs and I think that's it that it Memphis the other girls are inside ok I gotta eat dinner it's like 7:30 there's a light vlog too I'm gonna eat dinner finish back in the camper and then tomorrow as soon as we get off work

we're gone yay thanks for watching bye