08 October 2019

Memphis the Husky got SO Dirty While Camping

Memphis the husky is just covered in dirt! She didn't like laying on the mat and would rather lay in the dirt. So we took her to the lake to go swimming and get ...

well good wonderful beautiful afternoon

audience you guys tell how dirty Memphis is look at you oh my gosh this is all dirt we shortened our line so that she can't reach the dirt anymore but yeah so the guys just went down rock I pick him for a little bit you can tell we've pretty much hung out here at the campsite all day today it's a little warm again today and we're kind of just chilling so the plan for these last two days of camping pretty much was just this we knew Greg was gonna be able to make it up and we knew we were gonna be able to just kind of hang out relax not do anything super crazy Jamie's dad and his stepmom might actually meet us here because they live up here and they might come up here for a little bit today but we're not sure we might take the Jeep's out for a ride later but we don't know really we're just relaxing on the last two days because tonight technically is the last night here so not a whole lot of adventure today we'll probably take the dogs down to the lake in a little bit it's really windy here at the campground but the guys said it's not windy down at the lake at all Lake Superior's that way Moscoe Angelique is behind me but we'll probably go down to

Lake Superior and the leaves are falling up here it's not as colored here as it was up near McClain and Baraga but it's still really pretty these girls are just loving sleeping outside now like mom we're next to you we're good and we're happy Wow so we were sitting here and everything was all nice and calm and then all of a sudden this started the guys just got back a little bit ago with the rocks Jamie's dad was here for a little bit they didn't get a whole lot of rocks down there and now we have this considerable windstorm going on here I don't know if we're supposed to give a thunderstorm or what we don't have internet access here so we can't really check where you think girls getting windy huh [Applause] [Music] it's hard to walk on them rocks guys hey Billy deep yeah right does it right kids like I'm okay right here so we're down here picking rocks here's like whoa hold on down the rocks I had Watchers for the Wonder Oh little too deep the part can get it no so hey let's hear what to put right there like what is that that's

just a rock get here get here drop it good girl drop it yeah well I'll get all the rocks oh yeah you finally more rocks you're getting more yeah [Music] are you digging huh go digging deep no I got yours yeah good girl there's that same walk that's the same one I made you get before oh that one's not deep I like that big rock that's a big one you get it Wow I'm surprised the lake doesn't have a riffles on it yeah yeah way out there back to rock hunting right so since it's super super windy out it's not that bad right this second and there's a chance of rain where you pulled out the grill and decided to make food on the grill today was our little Coleman grill that we have making some burgers he looks like hell to be pretty good it's mostly yeah and I didn't show you guys the rocks but not this one here's some rocks that we found some these are daylight rocks so they don't they don't necessarily glow Greg phone and a get going Lake Superior agate little tiny pieces yeah nothing so we're gonna make some food and then probably go back out as long as it's really windy up here but

once you get down to the lake as you guys saw it wasn't that bad so after food oh yeah I think so too we have umbrellas we'll be fine right I'll be fine gonna be fine delicious finished up the burgers probably just in time because it is something very ominous back there very very windy very ominous clouds it's a lots of people are packing up and leaving because of how windy it is huh there's the geese Memphis your nemesis is there over there I see them so the neighbors over there left and told us we can have some of their firewood so we took some of their firewood but Greg took their fire they bring in their fire don't burn yourself alright cool now we got a fire thanks well it went from it might rain to it's raining it's actually pouring rain outside right now there's our 30% chance of rain it's raining there was just a big thing of thunder and lightning so today is gonna get interesting so the guys left in I thought the fire was out but apparently it was hot enough and the wind was strong enough to make the fire start I was sitting inside the camper with the

dogs and I looked out the window and I'm like the fires going apparently there's a fire going now I have to keep an eye on it make sure it doesn't catch anything else fire so that's gonna be my job for while they're gone they went out rock hunting I didn't go with them because it's well it's dark but it's windy and it's raining on and off so I'm like I'm just gonna chill out with the dogs this stick apparently was in the fire and it's now falling out of the fire all right keep an eye on this well good these girls so as you guys saw earlier we took him down to the lake walked around quite a bit and got them pretty wore out cuz I had a feeling I was going to be staying here why they went out rock hunting I could've went with him we have both cars they might actually come back in about an hour and I might go out with him for a little bit with the dogs but I don't know I'm just sitting here playing my suite hanging out with my puppers and now also keeping an eye on the fire look cute there Memphis wanted on the floor Kira was up in the bed Kira jump down on the floor so she could be close to Memphis apparently that's where

she wants to be ahh he gave me dogs seriously I don't think you two can get any cuter you're the cutest little snuggle muffins ever the guys came back to refuel a little bit grabbed a couple of drinks and headed out got some Gatorade to keep him hydrated anyway they came back for a little bit and Jamie still had his sunglasses on so he swapped them out for his regular glasses so we are still just hanging out they did find some but we figured we'll show you the rock hall when they're all done now I'm just staring at these two dogs because I mean just like the best TV ever right so that's Jamie's pile and then wow that's great pile saying they only have a couple spots here is like let me let me check them out I don't trust you yeah yeah I could see that the one orange spot were staring at me just Pat me you're gonna show racks to cool that one I found is really bright oh yeah yeah you know that was the very last okay but yeah that was the very last one I found snap food hey there's nothing in there no eat no rocks novices over there squeezed up in the corner

cheers over here like I want a midnight snack - hey you walked three miles okay I'll go let's do it when I snack for me really nice mat for me midnight net for midnight net for me [Laughter] so it's the last night of camp and one home tomorrow Oh nope midnight snack for Memphis hi Dornan all right you guys we're gonna call it a night we're gonna go to bed hope you guys enjoyed today's video it was a crazy day crazy weather day windy again - hot humid then it got cold then I got rainy then I got windy it was kind of weird but alright we hope you guys enjoyed today's video as always thanks so much for watching stay positive dream big boo-boo see you again soon maybe like I don't know how to do that when I'm laying now I can't do it when I'm laying down alright goodnight audience look at that look at their feet maybe for me maybe you give me one I'll be it would give me one no goodnight audience if you love our Huskies come along for the ride all you have to do is hit subscribe

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