30 August 2015

Minecraft - Donut the Dog Adventures - SCHOOL PETS

Minecraft - Donut the Dog Adventures - SCHOOL PETS Little Kellys Channel: http://bit.ly/Little_Kelly Little Lizards Channel: ...

hey what's going on guys and welcome

back to some minecraft skill as you can see today we are outside because today is a very special episode we have done the pets show-and-tell just like you guys wanted so who do we have we've got group with his pet so group tell us the name of your pet he's my pet Butler his name is Jeff hello Jeff he's a little bit freaky I think he's really cool these little bit scary though can I come in here so I can see yeah I want a closer look oh he does look a little bit scary he does doesn't he okay little Kelly you're coming up next maybe you should go back over so it's like you're about your pet okay harab right I have a lot of pets but this one is one of my favorites it's my fire dragon named Leo Leo you look scary as well how can all these flames everywhere whoa tuk-tuk Oh a little Kelly who's your buddy who's this guy hello hello my name is donut yes my pet dog donut oh you're so cool thanks I need you I didn't know dogs could talk this is really strange okay well basically there's a story behind it I made a wish to my magic leprechaun and now I have a dog that can talk that's pretty much

sums it up and his name is donut and he picked his own name cuz he thought it was awesome do you happen to like donuts oh I love Donuts they're my favourite food there oh that makes sense then well he chose that babe that's really cool okay so guys today is pets show-and-tell like I said so now we've seen all the pets it's time to see what they can do so GRU Europe alright so GRU what can he do anything at all try them out mmm are you sure about that I don't know you should have said that okay little pet Butler Jeff Jeff is his name isn't it okay so Jeff can you maybe changed whether oh no my hair did well please make it stop this is crazy my hair's gonna go all curly oh thanks so much Jeff well Jeff you really are good at that that was super cool yeah mm I wonder what else you can do Jeff any ideas that lizard what should be asking for do you know what I forgot to eat my breakfast this morning so I would love a sandwich Jeff can you make a sandwich can you Jeff yeah whoa Jeff that was so fast how did you do that and we've got a sandwich oh it looks so tasty little as it's gonna be

happy yeah here's your sandwich little lizard courtesy of Jeff the butler Oh baby this is gonna be delicious oh look at that right now bacon and cheese and lettuce okay I'm gonna go over here I'm happy now this is my food for the day licious but I have one final test for Jeff now Jeff I've seen that you can't do everything I believe in you but can you take down the biggest baddest mob of all time bobzilla yeah no yeah well if you say so Jeff okay let's see it yeah okay that's the end for GRU Jeff that was pretty amazing Jeff is such a super cool pet oh I would love to have Jeff uh my very own Jeff he's probably like the best Fuller ever I'm thinking about replacing Butler Dean with him really well agree with that was amazing well thrown back in line and next up is gonna be Kelly and doner can you live up to Jeff doughnut I think I'm gonna be much better than Jeff oh-ho we'll see okay Europe okay now it's doughnuts time to shine but little Kelly tell me a bit about your pet dog donut okay well donut has loads of

talents but the main ones are obviously he is a dog that can speak so that's like the coolest thing ever that is really really cool I really like that bit yeah it's awesome and also he has this really great nose so he could probably sniff and find anything you ever asked him to once he has the scent for it which is pretty cool he's come on some adventures I've been able to sniff out some things that were lost which is awesome that's cool yeah and then the last one is he's really really good at digging so he's really really quick so if you had something buried somewhere he'd be able to dig it out really really quick for you especially if it's food food yes I do food but Donna are you ready to put all of these to the test I'm so excited and I think I'm gonna be the best okay let's do it first up we've got a sniff things app okay guys you know the rules you have to stay here and face the school you're not allowed watch myself and little lizard go and bury these items you don't know what they are but Donna has to try and sniff them out and tell us what they are okay okay thanks good no problem

lizard I'm here and I've got my trusty shovel to bury the items you buried that one at that one let's go bury them really reefer okay guys you're good to go donut little Kelly you can help out but you're not allowed to tell them where it is but you only you're never gonna know I don't think I don't nobody has any chance of finding it only donut has a chance oh okay I know Kelly I think you should follow me okay okay let's go okay Kenny just follow me okay um I wonder where they would have hit it I'm not too sure can you smell anything I'm getting a strong sense over this way somewhere around here just stay with me for a second getting stronger it's getting slightly stronger hold on weaker again hold on back off back off like I think I have it I think it's right here little Kelly I'm just gonna start taking away and then you follow me okay okay you go down I don't think I'll follow you but you see if it's down there I don't want to get stuck in the hole because you're better at digging out than I would be have you found it I have it I have it it's a wooden chair okay now just dig yourself back out and

we can see the wooden chair it's such a random thing for them to hide I was expecting food but uh the wooden chair is pretty pretty cool I guess so you want to put it down there so they know that we found it yeah okay I'll just show it here okay perfect so I guess we need to find the next thing okay Kenny follow me and honest at looking for their next item okay sounds like a plan try and catch a scent I think it's close by I think it's really close by oh if they hit it close fighter not flying that hurt okay little Kelly I think I have it I think I have it over here oh okay we'll start digging Oh is it deep oh okay Oh wonder what this one's gonna be chair is pretty round I have it I have it it's a cake it's a cake oh that's more like it I knew they'd hide food somewhere that's cool can I eat it um I don't think so because we have to show that you found it so you don't have it you eat it they don't know that you found it okay okay okay Kelly we're not to the last item I think you're doing really well done' oh it's across the road is it is that

the center picking up yeah I think so and I don't whether it's this little piggy that I'm smelling or not I don't think I don't know he seems like I don't think they'd hide him it's a bit obvious so hold on oh it's getting stronger it's getting stronger we're going in towards the forest okay I think I got it little Kelly I think I got it I'm gonna start digging oh is it underneath the tree okay start digging Oh I wonder if this one what this one would be there was food the last Rock yummy it's a steak I got a steak Oh awesome bring it back out I have to be able to eat this one no no you have to hold on to it maybe afterwards they'll let you eat it but we need proof okay so let's head back over to the glass okay let's go back to the guys and let's show them that I recovered all the tree items yeah you did so good oh hey guys hello hey did you get them did I have it's everything I do oh there's a steak good job there's the cake okay I forgot the last item little carry the chair and left her back there oh no I didn't know I did hey you okay good job I told you I was

better than Jeff chair we got that and we got the steak and actually I'm a little bit hungry the steak if you want thank you no problem okay now you said that you're really good and really fast at digging holes so we've got to put this to the test you've got a dig the biggest hole that I've ever seen and it's got to be pretty quick are you ready for that oh I'm so excited about this one I think I'm gonna be brilliant at this okay let's see it I told you guys how I was good guys you have passed okay so next up we've got hair Brian all right hair bright it's your turn now I know everyone else has been pretty spectacular so far so let's see what your big fiery dragon can do he just kind of burns everything oh really so he can't do anything else but burn everything I don't know if we're gonna allow that at the school I hate bastard bones what do you think can we can we see what he does oh no sorry you can't do that here it's not safe all right thought so we don't want this I think Leo is really cool though I really want to see what he can do you look so scary maybe maybe we could visit

her a bride's house because I know he'd be allowed to do whatever he wants there what do you think I think that would be amazing I think Hera bride's house would be so cool yeah we'd be a little bit scary but I think it'd be pretty awesome okay well if you guys in the comments want us to do that then be sure to leave a like on the video and we will go and visit her bronze elves and see all of his pets that would be really cool but a big THANK YOU to donut the dog and little Kelly and a big THANK YOU to GRU and Butler Jeff we had a lot of fun today in our first pet show and tell if interview guys enjoyed it then be sure to let us know what I like on the video and we will be back next week with some more pets Show and Tell I had a great time and if you want to check it Donuts channel he has his very own YouTube channel with all of his own adventures and his adventures with little Kelly it's a lot of fun I'm kind of jealous of the adventures they go on oh yeah they're super fun they're amazing but if you want to check them out guys the link is in the description go say hi yeah hope you enjoyed it I will see you next time for some more bye guys