28 July 2014

Minecraft: Tour of Hotel, Pet Store, Prison & Flower Bathroom

The title says it all! (http://www.youtube.com/editor)

welcome to Minecraft and today we're

gonna explore filled four buildings I built the pet store with the hotel the prison and the flower shop look at all those prisoners that's supposed to be I was giving that basketball court and these little guys have a little more room but Danna but then I decided to make it a prison and later we're gonna play a little game with them so uh oh there's a zombie there let me get my sword and kill it whoops I speltzer wha this is this is creative you keep in mind but you can still keep use the sword so there you go so it's closed right now but we're gonna go inside this is called Todd's flower bathroom actually this will look better on today so it's up 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. every day let go store Todd's flower bathroom you don't want spawn zombie people literally don't cut clerk I spawn it's weird some people stay some people have hated here so use the flower bathroom all flowers are three dollars each there's the checkout they're not there's not a lot of flowers here there's a waterfall a little bit now watch this they don't know if they want to stay or I'm almost some of them

anyway let me go out guys this is a my businesses the only hope closed that place that's in business real hell look see they don't want to know if they want to stay or leave now there's the prison Oh like I said look we're gonna explore the lobby then play a little game by the way that goes the prisoners try to escape they they die like really that leaves the world there's two million thousand no two thousand million degree lava outside the world there's the lobby some people if you don't only come to the lobby here literally like literally people only come to the lobby here so now it's time to play a little game inside the jail well sorry and we're gonna demonstrate what on the outside how that world is so we're gonna release that brick the door here we go look at that they're leaving we were going with them see that's where I outside the water looks like you died you fell although I fell out of the world now quickly we have to get back to the prison so we can watch some more of this happen yes was a little time but not that much time come on need to get back to the

prison I mean come on I don't look they're gone but we're still in we still want to move quickly three quarters full no I fell again whoa look at that still up there let's go up there go to people we look at all those people losing their lives there should be some more coming they think if there's no some more people going down the chute and losing their lives all right let's go back up and explore the rest of the prison all right those people pushing me down my glass so at the prison itself so we're gonna he'll exit through this route and now off to the pet store it's called Dolph's animal ply now we're gonna go inside Duke's animal claw we're gonna leave the door open all I am is 40% off Wednesday those are the hours boss if you want to read them let's go so this is the pet store there's a glitch going on with the horses I don't know why this cage is soon to be something else yes there's people on every page there's sheep 3495 for horses 1999 are $14.99 for sheep pigs are $39.99 in cows are $14.99 there's everything so we're going to leave the premises and

off to our final destination the hotel whoops arey oh and just so you know I'm at my new house right now since being shot on my new house at the end of the video you'll see my new room so when you come in you have to go upstairs go to the front desk the front desk is upstairs there's the front desk and since people like this staff was trying to evacuate the desk I just put those there cause if you want to read so anyways we're gonna go downstairs and go to the pool this is the pool open 5:00 a.m. through 12 a.m. this is the pool there's actual people swimming in it by the way see not a lot but there's actual people swimming in this pool there's an exit only area iron door this is a little balcony look at that glass ceiling in that view - that goes this side of the pool see you can answer you can get in the pool like this and I'm in the pool okay now on to the breakfast buffet here's the breakfast buffet it's open its open 7 a.m. for 10:30 a.m. people are allowed here 24/7 but there's no breakfast served until at what Senate

a.m. people like to hang out here and stand on top of the tables so anyways there's the quizzing over there by the way where we just were the villagers love it here as you can see no a goat or a couple of rooms down though this is the only room down here room 1 there's four beds four double beds is good see interview on to the prison all the other rooms are upstairs this is a three four there's three fours for the guests in one room for zombies I might build a tower too but I don't know if I want to do that yet this is another room by the way it's one of the last two double beds whose 4 and 5 iron are joining us by the way this is a tiny room these are tiny but they're joining prison once again now this is room 5 these are tiny rooms to see one doll bed in one single day this is the cheapest room they have people this is achieved from the half here it's $10 a night literally all there is like $30 like literally this is the cheapest room $10 a night this one's 15 any room with two two sets of beds and $30 all right let's go upstairs why those are the room side of

three rooms and someone's been seal up what's the time near a torch was our set of free rooms now we're gonna go upstairs to the last guest floor then off this zombie area the hotel which guests thankfully don't have access to here's another room prison there's the this is another room hotel all the tortures are there for light you have to walk up a set of stairs of a step we'll find some more rooms beautiful view of the mountains in this room by the way I like that I don't know if a minute billets hower - yeah I'm playing I don't know I don't idea but that might be a possibility now off to the time zombie area of the hotel we're gonna break this door no one's allowed a by this door so I'm we're just gonna put another iron door oh and by the way that's what that's an exit that's just someone needs to get in like me or some B's trying to break out that's where they can go so have to cop go up this ladder actually two ladders there may not be anyone here humph you know zombies here are the zombie areas it's no one justice to rooms no windows we're gonna spawn there's some zombies so um

guys bad boys oh well they close the switch so if any way they try to escape like that they can't go out and they have to fall through this pool and land in the water so I hope you enjoyed this video guys so that's it and put the conclusion of this video this is my knee room at my new house it was kept there stilton and this is a new closet and there's no alarm panel back there but sadly it does not work oh there's the cat that fell off the table at the old house so we'll get one more pan around from this angle there's Stilton and that's it