19 October 2019

MINI TOY POODLE - PERMANENT BROKEN LEG, will you still groom my dog? PT1

This pet parent called me because I am near her. She has been going somewhere local too, and had been going there for a long time. The last time she went in, ...

how we doing who do we have here oh my

goodness look at him he wouldn't go potty well you tried right when to party at home hopefully yeah okay okay I think you'll do I think you're in good hands tell me a little you don't have to name businesses but tell me what happened the last place you went he was at the shop for over five hours okay and you've been going there I'd been going there for over a year maybe two okay and I thought that's just too long and when I've run him home he would not put his weight on his broken leg it didn't heal correctly okay so wait back up the broken leg was already existing it was already doing but this last time the last room it was really tough on him something was not right something wasn't right and he would not put weight on his foot and he does now some okay but it's how long has it been three four months no I know six weeks that's it so finally in six weeks so his last room was six weeks ago BAM Oh sign language yes cool I need to learn some sign language girl is there a class I can go to she can go to yeah oh damn fool damn candy cow needs okay I chance to visit free you're gonna be okay okay but everyone that churches

have it okay no one right now if you a soul to you guys watching the sign so if you can tell me if you know is if you find out a free one I would go okay I will definitely go cool yeah so can you hear I really you real if cochlear implants didn't you keep up with me if I were talk back okay so I think I can you just trust me remember I talked to you on the phone this to me is short you so pretty sure so I'm gonna take half off yeah I think it's exactly the seven blade so I'll take half off you tell me cuz this leg is the one six weeks ago okay so front left is broken when we first got him mm Leben 2011 Christmas TV using the was well he was born in the two thousand eight years ago he's nine yeah yeah and so it I had to take him to Ulis Hospital okay said it and put him in a brace and then I had to take him to doctor Gill and he was the doctor that we used at that time okay and he did had to do surgery occasionally and put in a plate now while it's broken okay but he still tries to walk on it which is really way back here right right

do we want to get that plate out of there I don't know you got to talk to your veterinarian they they said the only other thing to do was if it breaks again they'll have to amputate okay oh gosh why did it break to begin with she jumped out of her arms just like they just like this just like that broke yeah Christmas Eve my son and daughter-in-law were leaving and we were telling them goodbye and he jumped out on a carpet floor and immediately it broke my eyes Wow do you know that what I go through having a groom loop on the dog they have to stay on the table it could do it can be damaging right Wow you know right they're just out of your arms something just as little zach broke is it like broken in half yeah angle wise yeah oh my Christmas Eve Christmas Eve so surgery was that day or the day before and after I mean day after it a month or two after okay so you went in you got it and I knew it's an emergency room I would think ulis you laugh is that an emergency room yeah yes Hospital so Christmas Eve how what sorry what time was it I was about 8:30

at night so yeah you had to go right because he was yelping right my god yes yeah remember that Sam Oh to think about that and he still sometimes take out across the yard run in with that leg chasing a cat really you wouldn't know any different would you no no and whether or not it was good enough good for him or not good for him to reach a that cat he's still gonna do it yes yes we have to really help them yep okay I'm gonna take him okay wait just so you know we're recording obviously and I kind of briefed you on that anyway so that this educational everything you said will be shared okay people get to listen and hear your your story and now so in a mood where I don't want to eat unless it's something you're eating really Oh be strong I'm strong I even gain you don't let him tell you what to do I'd say that all the time that dog is not gonna tell me what to do this has I roll my eyes like yeah it's fine it's fine don't worry did you brush it huh a little bit this morning but what did I tell you last night tell the camera what I told you a comb would not go through this hair and so I would go I gradually got it through the hair but

his hair is so thick if it doesn't go through the hair what did I tell you about it is man okay and then what did I say I gave you a couple options I was fair we talked about hair cut or don't come in well you said do you want me to brush it out before I come tomorrow right and this is last night yes so I said to you what what what did I suggest you to shorten do you want it right it depends on how short you want it and I also said what don't waste your time if I'm gonna groom and if I can just get it off why sit there and brush and then I asked you what else I said how often are you brushing what did you say never usually okay so because you said that I can't sit on the floor anymore and do him so and it's hard to do it in my lap okay don't have a table to put him on okay so I don't usually brushing right so why not let me give you a haircut that will be every two months I'll see you will get before the mats start but it will be short because I mean you can't go any other way if you're not gonna brush them if you're not gonna do that daily brush are like a poodle mix we're suffering here a little

bit right he's up Frankie it gets kinky well when it gets kinky your hair if it was kinky it's actually pulling on your skin so if he doesn't like it he's not gonna tell you just like he doesn't tell you it hurts when he runs and chases a cat on his broken leg so you're okay with us kind of figuring out a good cut where you don't have to brush but you're in enough that he doesn't get matted right really he had a clean face and neck and clean feet with with a little bit pom-pom oh this is much too long way too long okay I'm on the tail so the first time I grew I don't know what we've been through and where we're going I know kind of where we're going so then we have a structure of learning the first couple grooms we learn a little bit about I like that I like that shorter I like this longer I like this right so we're kind of giving some room for that because what in six weeks he's gonna be back at this right yeah okay so you're okay with that yes perfect pretty fast perfect have I been pretty direct with you over the phone yes you were do you like it do you like that okay perfect

thank you so much for letting me record we'll get to the grooming process so I would call Sam disabled or has a handicap and that is an unrepairable at this point broken leg that happened in 2011 like mom said so there's a couple things in my head that I'm gonna probably do and one of those things that I will utilize the dog up stand but I may use a little eyes the dog up mini just to kind of give him some under the chest support as I work moving his body around to check the groom complete and I'm gonna be real gentle with that okay and then the nails on that foot you need to be really short as short as I can get them which I mean that's what I do always anyway make sure you get your face mask his face mask I have a warning a long time mmm-hmm Kirill too small for my face but I love the fabric alright in this case we are gonna do what I've already talked to her on the phone member she said I don't brush so you don't a brush but the dog's matted you're not brushing look this is all mad at you guys okay this is this is matted and then she was gonna brush all this out in one sweep last night before the groom yeah you can work

all this out but if she's not gonna brush why would you set yourself up for failure next time gets to let her keep bringing them in like that so we're gonna do a seven and I might have to do a ten and I told her this last night over the phone we might have to do a ten if it's matted I'm gonna do what's safe and the ten blades not 100% things a hundred percent safe when you're using sharpie equipment so look look at this look at this look at this for one hour grooming there's limitations that you can do you have a dog for two three hours that's different we do one our grooming based off the type of pet coming in for grooming see this is different this is different this has been brushed or it's not matted this is not this is maybe she brushed this last night all right so we're gonna do a seven all over if if I feel like it's too mad at guess what we're gonna do 10 tins gonna be a little safer than the seven seven has bigger feet okay bigger teeth all right here we go broken leg here all right here we go I'm gonna do the seven so at this point I really just need him to sit down I'm gonna do everything while he can sit down so

hopefully you guys sit down we're gonna do a seven all over I'm sorry here if someone doesn't want to brush I recommend seven if you go into the guard which is you can do a four or five but I don't really love the four or five blades anyway so these are my mug assistants Mike also sorta do just see you peeling off here feel uncomfortable you should use a tongue blade get right in there look at all that that or an option as she can come every month and see if that's enough and once again one is a brush out and one is a haircut one is a brush out one is a haircut like every other every other month is a haircut every other month the brush out we're gonna come with the ten down here [Music] from a consumer fighting foot down further [Music] sit down sir mr. dearly rather than legit back there now with your ten come back with a 10 here so I'm still stay with my southern [Music] [Applause]

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] you get my chin blade off [Music] [Applause] so go down to tell veena he's on track so we're gonna run the scroll them and everything that's matter that can't be comfortable [Music] get that off you can get in a haunted remember you have two broken arms that's well it's not broken anymore but it is broken okay you guys go back to the beginning of the video listen to the one mom said [Music] broken arm in 2011 then you'll write re broke the plate in there is broken they need to do more surgery but that's not an option right now [Music] I'm going to see let me see here and

come up for me [Music] [Music] [Music] six weeks man joining [Music] come down do good back up a little bit good great check your plate on this we chops in blades all right we're going to switch 10 blades we're gonna come and do the face together now [Music]