15 March 2019


rashes , urticaria , atophy , allergic reaction ,

cinnamon Guaymas Salam aleikum welcome

again to dr. es el health tips so item just another tip about cutting a Joe just the G Excel patients my deposit yeah that's logic Assad bother complain and saucy complaints at that face redress show that is completely sad that that contains trouble at here is recessive so then you just allergy and most commonly the co2 your juice microscopic insects ot and dust mites allergic just multi am Swiss Beauty bug suit Joe most commonly live in a house dust or his name domain completeness me high fever music sneezing runny nose house up there all visions a girl fishing already prone to estimate to every bit cars act estimate echo or scab breathing pattern soothing it was missing or difficulty breathing or sucked air or Joe just might say close and like relatives of ticks and spiders what he is too small and go microscopist cupcake or mario cells with him hard EP they used to eat we mostly dwell in warm and humid environment manatee or lava emerge oh very good yeah or furnitures look at you best place for living to school i'm others reduce can attain to Smee up just got

exposure and I mean exposures a white cutting or sometimes Joe medicine that will be used in symptoms that leave connect in here the main symptoms of yeah I already told you sneezing was here and he knows a secretary she goes yeah red or watery eyes of city neither congestion of zakian and post little Tripoli coughing Oh sexy official question and painless at the swollen blue colored eye skin under your eyes or in child's you yeah free wake frequent upward rubbing of the nose of city or adult IO including into knowledge and difficult breathing of just tightness pain or probably in sleeping us at the domain symptoms and you as a duo patients my deposit then use Ethel low do some plaster not the Koger already allergy CBT civil that Chico Capelli allergic attack hosted know what you came off Emily history of positive or so that's out there yep no childhood me go already attack wow it's GC the upper bone-dry living in specific and why me like in pits and just a channel around me specific reducer t happen locally and that creamy specific chemicals energy be

us at the air so that CV or schedule complication selves me most each one deep Nick it's me nasal congestion of Sathya sinus infection remorse acting sinusitis sinusitis Osaka or estimate up hum treatment clarifying is made you can just change this act and his methods break is worth maybe ot and Joe harm me split two to three puffs super sham or any logic and histamines and rocks they say to reduce allergic reactions such as watery eyes in nasal just rides through cut inflammation Hibiscus acne or you could try in inhibitors the similar cost will be a my skin is concerned you mean joe i'm first date admitted he had treatment and up cathartica agar aapke yes i must allow table got may be emerged soliciting or food up appropriate car 16 societies other dear enough