30 July 2017

MLP Pinkie's Family S1 Episode 2 The Pet Sitter

Major Characters: Pinkie Pie Twilight Sparkle Rainbow Blitz Bubblegum Pie Minor Characters: Strawberry Pie (Pinkamina Strawberry Pie) Savannah Pie Sinkie ...

you're a good dog dummy here alligator

you're just doing it everybody never upon an island Josh can you tell me and you're not in charge so um I want everybody to I didn't know do what everyone Oh Hank a pinkie Oh F then have another nightmare uh-huh I fish I think your teddy bear went into the window ah thanks for waking up teddy bears yeah and who and who is behind the door we opened it roll is it it's a purple pony and blue guy again we're gonna go in your pop tail by what are you doing here again remember we are supposed to go yeah remember pinky oh you guys stay at home I'll gonna move all oh um we are going to teleport there okay or which is why okay alright server pony get in the middle yep in the middle now what is it yeah what is it we need to bring a pack what are we going hey guys we don't live here you are do I need to bring a pet um yeah we need to get a babysitter who is going to be the babysitter I know who is yeah and she's gonna be here but I thought pinkie didn't hire you but bubblegum did bubble gum doesn't laughing shush up we apply you're the youngest um you're the

youngest you're just like four years old she is nine she's seven she is 12 you're 17 you are 22 and pinky is 24 [Music] well if you want to not where are you going circus contact you oh here's a number yeah tell us four come on guys shayana bye bye bye bye bye hi what's your nap hmm yummy listen up well doing in the cabbage now even is asleep