19 November 2010

Molly on Jay Leno- September 21, 2004 Fruitcake Lady

I got to ask the Fruit Cake Lady a question!

is one of my all-time favorite cars pon3

Rudisill better known as the fruitcake become zombies - is real questions about life and these are real answers these are those namby-pamby and some do now we took our cameras to the studio here in our audience that dr. hollien client and they got to ask 92093 for what three years of these three I can ask or anything they want and she will give you a straight honest from the heart or from the hip of the heart we like it I guess when you're older the heart is your heart still go on they haven't goes right from the heart okay here's another edition of ask the suitcase I'll call you from New Jersey my husband's always complaining about working so hard how do I get him off the couch to mow the lawn why can't you move along Riley no more there's no problem and you can save me get your face I'm Frank Clausen from maple ridge Canada my way friend an article that says bathing too much dries out your skin not only bathe once a week on Fridays is this a good idea I never heard of such a thing she's only gonna bathe on Friday Oh

having to put a water in those sketches they're warmer back to me it does a pull excuse the man nice Connie I'm from Simi Valley California when I was a kid and my dog pepper side my parents that he went to dog heaven is a really best thing as a dog heaven on it you know you go first here sir know that asking me a damn question I well I mean what are you talking about go get my dog guys it's all guys I'm done with from San Diego California do you have any tips to help me manage my wife's mother she's really getting on my nerves and oh the history of the world the mother-in-law has always interceded with a thumbs on Darwin marriage you can put a bag over head angel in a locker room I don't have a lot of experience with girls is there any way I could practice kissing by myself won't have to Amira Kissimmee Republic town today if you're that stupid a girl there will allow you to kiss her then it's just too bad I don't know go kiss my ass no cock to San Diego my boyfriend is scared to death is getting on a roller coaster what the

hell is wrong with them there's not a damn thing wrong with ha ha ha I was getting one myself no there's nothing wrong with now I don't rain I was getting high am i agretti from Burbank California my boyfriend I've been together for nine years do you think if I were to get pregnant you might pop the question well I choose a damn good varnish and then guys gonna walk off and redo the lane that's what's gonna happen and you did smells the White Rock Canada I'm about to be remarried and my friends are throwing me a bachelor party at a strip club I'm really close to my 15 year old son and wants to include him do you think that's too young Oh their job you know hi I'm Kelly Zimmer from Frisco Texas I think my husband might be having an affair with a friend of mine how should I confront her go on basic trellis nutrient Pennsylvania I read somewhere that the average girl loses her virginity at the age of 17 do you think that that's true but I would say in the deep south it's a lot younger than that because people in the south warm blooded children going into straight but earlier than they did when

I was a young girl I mean my god if we had sexual powers coming up my parents would I think they will put me in the institution hello I'm Mary Rooney from Boston now that you're on TV in a role model for youngsters don't you think you should stop using bad language hello