10 September 2019

More Dead Dog Walking Part 10

Re-uploading my videos after having to delete them due to the threats made to them by a woman now living in our old hometown Köping in Västmanland. We all ...


[Applause] [Music] so she would have been alive she would have been years old now we have the causeway she was all pleased with him winter break then spring came and just kept fighting for survival and I don't know what happened when she got annoyed that he wouldn't listen to her do the dishes we needed let it be left in the kitchen and stuff and I don't know but I do know that we can still trust [Applause] [Music] whatever I don't know the system blame the cat cats having to be kicked down I think that could be part of that but I also think that he was so happy you know everything school and living there any thought everything was fine with him he's sad and depressed that she doesn't even pick up on it I think if she didn't ask him what was wrong and obviously something was wrong and she didn't ask him if you are really really really sad and people just get angry with you because you are at being withdrawn and depressed and sad and worried maybe you are breathing some someone has died or

someone is dying like I just say someone was dying I think yeah there's people introverts they get mad at that person being hostile rude and insensitive and I don't think there is any coming toss that because you've changed your opinion about someone and I think she was a nice lady and now he just thinks she sir Joe you found I think you think he's account because that's what I thought when I heard what she had written and not told us and I got so angry what a freakin evil cow not telling us oh he's older it's a he should cup she has obviously no knowledge about anything is another one of those mental retards robotic people who just can see their own feelings their own situation and judgment really judge others and have no clue so she doesn't really know what was going on and he won't tell us at least not in Portal course you won't consider portal until you were 21 so this fake you show me your old when you are a teenager is something new he's a freaking teenager becomes an adult when he's a tricky teenager so that's why we told her to be close and

she didn't she went behind our the girls is too high collect some stuff and get a little quick course oh I don't want to do it but I have to do it and then yeah all this money would come and help out with the dogs cause apparently my husband said that our oldest daughter had her to take care of the dogs while I was gone didn't really see that she would do that so I was worried and I asked my husband is it true no she wasn't it wasn't me she was telling that she it was him that she would do that so I texted her actually couldn't find her son found her husband I need a nine if you notice and it turned out that she didn't remember promise me that no idea and then afterwards pretend that they are trying to force me with something so bad do you think I can that's how I feel about her I don't know I was rightfully not trusting her so didn't demand her to do anything because obviously she wouldn't but what was far worse than that was that my grandson had been stung by a wasp I was all smaller than he had to go that was they often before yesterday

yesterday they took him to the emergency I said I thought you might be allergic he's five years old but Billy's my baby support him I don't think he ever been stung by wasps maybe he has and if you have beautiful that's how it is like annoying this season this time of the year if you're touching it was on the face I didn't really I know they I knew they were dangerous but I didn't really know what when I felt it maybe I was just seven even or something maybe get older I remembered I think that's one of the last time I'll start right at me I might have been even older but the thing is that if you don't you know focus and you feel something icky often you will just react by you're not trying to get away I don't think and I remember I just happen to squeeze it somehow in the hand and it stung me in the hand do you not thinking it could be wasp you don't think that it's just like it reaction intuitive reaction to get rid of what is itching you and I don't remember getting stung something we moved here and I was out cutting the grass and was one of this earth was that really top section and it struck me in

the leg like here of a huge pus huge hole and is this filled with pus I think I still have a scar it was pretty cool I don't know why I think it's cool to get big ones that's infected it somehow I don't find it scary either a survivor and I yeah so maybe I'm not so keen on living on this planet that's what so I kind of think that if it's meant to be it's meant to be I'm a little bit more careful with the little ones most of the times your immune system will really kick in and help you with my kids oldest daughter she has had problems with her new system so I'm really scared for them and I am also worried cuz she can do this thing so neat things that she forgets and mixes up things she doesn't do it cause she's malicious and a lying I actually don't remember she doesn't I mean she doesn't remember it's not keep blanking out and I was thinking that that would have been like more normal if she was 80 years old and a fuzzy brain hold on to your but now I realize that young people are doing this and I'm doing it and a lot of people are so fuzzy brained and that I think have to

do dangerous some kind of dangerous something not healthy going on something bad is going on in our environment the brain wherever I hear someone speaking about that I don't get the word so I can say but they are not but by grace not by breakin just like sending out nothing being I hate that word that's one of those disinformation words they used to ridicule people it's not beans it's likely the same thing as TV signals radio signals I don't know why she wants to get run over but she won't walk off the road freedom just won't just standing there like she wanted to get run over Wi-Fi I don't know I don't get the world what it's cold hmm something sent out like waves wave forms so it's kind of wave form sent out and if it's wave form that affecting us somehow negative it negatively we can get memory losses getting this ahead it's like feeling like walking on a cloud like you are high on something or like you have lack of oxygen you know like if you are really I mean if you get this weird feeling feeling that a lot I don't have any me anymore Oh something is making me feel just a

heathered notice the people are like attached somehow you speak to them but they don't really hear you you don't get if you are saying and you don't like what others are saying and you feel detached from reality something weird and they're saying the people are sick due to that we had sickness that's not really normal I noticed I would get sick but it's not really normally like you get over it like you having fever and maybe that's a while I'm singing I was really happy stuff you didn't need early days different kind of sicknesses likes your immune system isn't really up to so now and because we are making people [Music] but not as sweet as you [Music]