13 August 2019

More Walking With The Dogs...

Sunday morning at the dog park! Also a walk in the park on Monday after work... What do you guys think of the new format?


Lux's user knocks us down look what I got my flash came in and look it got damaged I'll cover it my address that's why it took so long cuz I got damaged let's open it up why do you have to be so needy why why why so needy right Weis and needy cuz I'm talking you think I'm talking to you dear postal customer we sincerely err throughout the damage but how in the world did it get damaged oh I just got ripped apart Thanks what thing came out he just didn't get ripped did I order this and that's cool I guess maybe I had it in my box I didn't realize I had ordered it that's cool all my floss yeah at this box or this box bag rips shred oh well and just this is why I have a hard time cross stitching sometimes this one so guys just taking a walk and trying to relax cool down a little bit I live so close to home I live so close to home that's so close to work it's like five minutes maybe eight no chance to decompress no chance to kind of put the day behind me and I end up kind of coming home and I get kind of short worth of dogs sometimes and not feeling all that great

but trying to stop the park and way home and you know take a walk it's important I think this Park has gotten so much more crowded though than than ever can't even walk on the main concrete rail anymore because there's so many people that are biking and biking fast so you have to kind of stay off the concrete areas how just on the bridge and film in the water and he if you heard the song sound that was three bicyclists going by at the same time so oh that's Monday I have to apologize I didn't mean to put that video up the rain yesterday or last night I was gonna hold on to that one for a little bit longer but when I uploaded it it kind of self-published and by the time I realized it we're already quite a number of views on it so I was like well I don't want to take it back down and then put it back up later so that was the the rainstorm one so anyway oh I need to get some cross stitching done tonight I really do but just been I was so productive last week Wednesday and Thursday head off and I was working on so many different things primarily with video super successful lots of work done Friday went

in tons of tons of stuff done saturday was home and we had a lot to do that day we were I was very productive in the morning I went and hung out with friends in the afternoon at night you know I could let myself relax a little bit and then Sunday like yesterday was almost a waste I I don't I don't let myself just kind of relax and have fun I'm always thinking them I got to be doing something and so I'm gonna work on that a little bit but part of what I'm doing with this walk is I'm trying to be healthier I think you guys understand that we all understand that especially if you've reached a certain age how easy it is it's a gain weight how hard it is lose weight just trying to move some cars it's got a walk you know I think I've been bigger than I should be my whole adult life and I used to be quite the athlete when I was in a kid always running around always doing stuff and as I got older and all those crazy things I did when I was a kid all those uh I don't know just crazy sports and whatnot kind of damaging roughing up my body it all came back I came back up on me so I'm just trying to find ways that I can exercise that are manageable

repeatable it's kind of bright it's not it's it's comfortable but the Sun is right so anyway what do you guys do for exercise is there anything that's like I really want to get back into being more active my problem has always been that I overdo it and I like challenges so I overdo it with physical challenges and and then I'm like my back is out for a while or my neck is a mess or I don't you know you name it like a blog idea because it keeps me accountable and a lot of the talking to myself that sometimes I do I talk to you guys feels productive and it feels like something I can keep doing but uh there's no like snakes it's if the only critters I don't like it's gonna cost me money down here let's go look it's where I'm at it's pretty cool huh [Music] nope [Music] out [Music]