10 February 2019

Most amazing video of me walking my dog

Watch a commentated video of me walking my dog.

welcome welcome from Pennsylvania I'm

walking my doggie [Music] so night now today come on 8-ball let's go [Applause] wait a pretty girl you don't go huh it's the first nice date we had in days me and April we go for them locks we don't Walker Carnes not much going on just a little doggie walking eight-ball is a husky mixed with pitbull this is the results she's so pretty she's a princess she knows it she knows she gets whatever the she wants all she got to do is whine she's a looks like a little little tough doggy on the outside but on the inside she's a little girl hi you had a big baby as muddy I'm gonna start a new trend on YouTube where people have blood videos that I'm walking their dogs let's try to make some moolah EBO we're about to come up on the doggy step are get her and make her all worked up he's it's beetles Pennsylvania I used to play

baseball there she knows it too these doggies don't like you [Applause] she's ready for no doggy's today Ivania not in there what you all worked up for it what y'all wear stuff for a baby i'ma bake you hey Kimmy Kimmy huh oh you so pretty he's so pretty hmm let's go when I walk so it shows sunny out sunny is 65 me welcome readyto I take care of her well we're about it ten minutes ten minutes of walking my dog today I know that people watch dumb on YouTube all the time I found myself watching people doing the stupidest things so you might as well add somebody walking their dog to the list I know that sometimes you'd be asking yourself why the am i watching this well this will be one of those videos where am i watching some guy walk his dog maybe I should be walking my own dog ha my name is Tyler I like to smoke weed

I like to drink beer I'd like to scratch lottery tickets I like that Welch's wine and the stuff is not one that your parents used to give you before you was able to drink wine grape juice stuff yeah yeah yeah what'd you find there it's a leaf investigating a and it really a severe you know the type of women I became aware I'm about to cut the video I'll see y'all later you know cuz I'm probably gonna do this again narrate it myself post it on a nice day that sounds like fun to me enjoy y'all's day we are blessed promoting happiness and peace is just something that more people need to do in this world like walk your goddamn dogs stop killing each other stop shooting dope just lucky dog peace