12 July 2017

Mountain Lion Sighting | Baby and Dog Make Great Walking Companions | Sleeping Beauty Sean

In Episode 144: Nat takes the baby and dog for an evening stroll while Sean stays home as Sleeping Beauty. We release a new single each month! Check out ...


[Music] again morning you go father-in-law hahaha I don't know why I just tried to flip the camera around him and decided oh I should have kept it wire one hi guys it's not morning but it is that place again I am eating ice cream with a fork mmm it's good it's lovely today hmm showcased by my cat it's like 6 o'clock we went to church we came back some fell asleep on the couch I as usual I'm holding down the fort continuing to catch up on editing and publishing but it is such a lovely day outside I think I need to take the dog outside and this little squiggly dude looks like he has some energy that he would like to get out so I'll say I can see yeah you can come with you hi Hecky if that's what's currently going on right now I told you and that's called blogging you can do it mum mmm mom you can do a funny little pony gotcha gotcha gotcha be fine don't do it okay there I did something I published episode 140 now I am doing what you see I am doing sitting here she's very nice to do nothing I like to do nothing most

of the time I have too many things to do to do nothing in fact right now I still have too many things that you could do nothing but it's Sunday so I'm going to ignore them temporarily because that's happened they work we just chill well we are officially out on our walk very slow walk like take two part take it with us and right now we're going up the super steep hill yeah I might actually just go walk to the track for a while that sounds kind of relaxing Sean's not with us because he fell asleep on the couch he's been having a hard time sleeping lately so when he falls asleep I usually just leave him and then a wild pony toss news Oh oh good this always gets to see this type of sign them out on my evening walk Wow well well well Maddie found a little conditioning spots for training the shine I never looked at the back right here [Music] [Music] oh hello Sleeping Beauty [Applause] if you like it subscribe if you like it thumbs up if you like it comment [Music]