24 August 2018

Moving Out of My College Apartment & Dog Sitting | College Vlog #15

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ooh I need to get money it's fine if I

don't have money that I won't spend money so I'll leave it [Music] [Music] people I am moving out of my apartment this is my you whole situation of things massive I've never driven a truck this huge it's literally massive these are my two little helper bees again say hi guys oh my god you like kicked him with his his man stuff Jesus Christ it was your foot like it went to the other one though like your knee was like a jab into it literally got a u-haul for it's just my bed I needed my bed Vanna White Bear white is it Vanna White there's that's being a white nice job guys all right now sexually close the thing she's gonna like Buster behind it's a flash weight flies you too quick can you get warts from wearing somebody else [Laughter] [Music] but bad keep my roomie over there okay formerly me though wait for it wait for it wait for it where's she going Jasmine I'm like trying to get you a camera and you and you keep disappearing and I'm like

well kind of ex-roommate's but roommates nonetheless whoa there desi put it in words you're so annoying well I've been vlogging my everyday life of nothingness for the past months I finally have something to vlog the day I'm leaving Barry tags down here and then we have this is Jazz's bathroom this is Bam's room it's coming together I told you here hold this behind your back I wasn't that's so funny okay Oh disregard I'll go check your dad I'm gonna go check her bathroom yeah if it'll fit in hers oh no you're not what in the world yeah go look at her bathroom your bathroom is literally huge yeah are you giving it to me Wow no I'll keep it indefinitely um I don't like this it is I don't like it I'm gonna go get things out of the car Amani slowing me down so are you well goodbye followers [Music] hello beautiful people and money today here and welcome back to another video well I guess welcome back to later on today umm I just got off of work walk the dogs and I'm about to head to my

brother's to my brother's house to go take him to go see his son my nephew we're just dropping off some school supplies to him today is August 21st I believe and yeah I really don't even - exciting honestly just got off work worked all day I'd really do anything because I'm back up at the headquarters base and it's pretty much all army systems and I don't really have access to the army Network anymore there is it really too much exciting happening I plan on starting my workout regimen hopefully next week I know I had it on my schedule for this week but this week just was a no this is like a test run to see my times and how I need to plan things and schedule things but I haven't even cooked yet I've been eating out so much but yeah next week I should be on my workout regimen and good to go so also this weekend I will be going back down Athens for the last time for a while I'll be going on Athens because it is opening weekend and there's gonna be a bunch of parties and a probate but one of my friends is gonna be crossing Omega sine Phi so I'm gonna record pieces of it maybe it just depends really but yeah I

told him I took my brother was my way like 15 minutes ago and he lives about 20 minutes away so I am out hello beautiful people I am at jcpenney and the kids section getting shoes for my nephew well I'm not getting them his father is getting them I'm just helping him look so I'm gonna show you guys the ones that I like they're literally the cutest little okay they don't look very cute on camera but I swear never the cutest little shoe ever but um yeah so I am here at jcpenney looking for shoes for him my brother has gone somewhere I don't know looking for the other shoe but I have it in this box my brother has the other shoe in his hand looking for a cashier so I will check with you guys later I love beautiful people in money today here and it is early as hell so I think I might have said this previously that I was dog sitting in earlier videos but I am dog sitting and I have to get up so early after already had to get up super early for work but I'd seen up even earlier for these dogs so I'm kind of kind of gonna kind of show you a little bit of like my morning with two dogs look at him good and then there is mr.

Tucker so yeah I will take you guys on the walk with him and then I was just check back in in the morning or when I'm getting in my car on the way to work excuse me drop it drop it he listened to every command except for that drop it no I don't want you to hold it in your mouth gimme let them go no stop it I just lost the washcloth he can you can obviously you just have it at this point I don't even want it anymore yeah eighty percent what happens out here he is sniffing so he sniffs and then he like squat that guy's gonna come out there's a god there's a guy that has like the tiniest little Corgi come on let's go yeah see eighty percent of what happens on here is him sniffing stuff he like pulled me and I slid and now my frickin slide is dirty ah all right come on deuce now I didn't check her out Tucker's lease went so he's on this big heavy one [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]