12 March 2019

MUST LISTEN! Fixing, Spaying, Neutering, your pet is dangerous for their health, Audio only.

I had an argument with like 60 people on my Facebook about this topic. They claim "fixing" the animals gives them health benefits, but it turns out.. that isn't the ...

I posted on Facebook fixing animals is

cruelty the question is what is cruelty the definition is behavior that causes pain or suffering to a person or animal does the animal suffer after the operation of being neutered lots of vets say no but do they really know that the answer is known they change the word suffer with and discomfort this word allows the owner to feel better about their animal after the operation but make notice that animals do not feel pain and react as humans do ever see an animal in pain I'm not talking about extreme pain more like its body is hurting notice they still sniff around and go about things just look at wild discoveries when lions are hurt by the animal they are chasing they limp but the animal keeps going the same goes for the prey that escapes a predators mouth that has been bitten they just go about escaping the reason why that state they do not suffer when being fixed is because people anthropomorphize human characteristics to animals and that should not be the ones to blame for this our schools and cartoons animals aren't human they do not possess a mind as we do the animal isn't going to point to

where it hurts it's going to attack anyone if it gets near them they don't have reason when we are hurt but not seriously we act like it's almost nothing animals act like it was ever and that's incorrect I've been through operations and it hurt I was in so much pain after them and the doctors even told me you might feel some discomfort for anyone to believe the animals aren't in pain after being fixed that ignorance it's not just ignorant but also dangerous one person states say they do it with chemicals now I couldn't think of anything else but Nazis as if injecting chemicals in the animal is going to make it less painful I'm sure the chemical is burning something in there by definition it's cruel what makes it though because people take the animals and mutilate them for no good reason other than they are anticipating being an irresponsible pet owner and they want to make the animal fit their lifestyle also people take the animal since it's innocent and ignorant and they take it because they are property and that's what it really comes down to I did it because I can in 2009 the Gerald P Murphy Cancer

Foundation study found that a correlation between the age at which female Rottweilers are spayed and their lifespan the study compared the female rotties who lived to be 13 or more with a group who lived the expected lifespan of about 9 years we found that female Rottweilers that kept their ovaries for at least six years were four times more likely to reach exceptional longevity compared to females who had the shortest life's time ovary exposure upon further investigation using 683 male and female Rottweilers spayed or neutered before 1 year of age both sexes were found to be significantly more likely to develop bone cancer than intact dogs even in dogs that did not die of cancer the females who can to their ovaries the longest were nine times more likely to achieve exceptional longevity 13 years plus simply put the study results indicate that removal of Rottweiler ovaries significantly increases the risk for a major lethal disease and other very recent study was conducted at the UC Davis this time involving German Shepherd dogs the study results suggest that spaying or neutering triples the

risk of joint disorder in particular ligament tears in tact female scheppers had no diagnosed incidence of urinary incontinence compared with 7% of females spayed before 1 year according to lead researcher dr. Benjamin hearts of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine although the reproductive hormone causes mating behave that may be undesirable from many pet owners these hormones also affect your pet overall health and can be beneficial removing your pet ovaries or testes removes these hormones and can result in increased risk of health problems such as urinary incontinence and some types of cancers when it comes to cancer there was a study of golden retrievers where the intact animals were developing cancer at any early age and the ones who were fixed and developed cancer later in age there are also studies of vet hospitals advising pet owners about cancers and diseases due to their finances for customers who will go their offices frequently they spend more money so the doctors will give them prevention charts and procedures to do to their animals and for their people with less income

they would tell them their animals were healthy and does not need much fixing animals also destroys their ability to properly defend themselves if they should run away from their home the reproduction argument fails because dogs only go into heat twice a year or at least every six months it's ridiculous to think they're escaping their homes right when they are in heat and it's not like every dog in the street is in heat it's silly to assume so I see animals as animals exactly what they are they aren't people when I see cat outside or rabbits mice birds fish I see them all as the same I look at them as nature and if cancer is something that happens to them then that's what happens it's part of their earthly experience it doesn't it make me cruel I'm not causing their cancer it's not my fault if I don't do anything about to their illnesses it's because I let nature take its course besides if people are responsible pet owners the animals wouldn't be running away people simply don't spend time with the animals and I'm not speaking of or petting them what I'm speaking about is learning what dogs really need love and cuddles they need exercise

discipline and pack leadership walking them and taking them to dog parks isn't enough dogs and cats chase things it's in their instincts they need that type of exercise fixed animals also put on tons of weight especially by their lower back they become obese this causes them to have hip displacement pain and on bigger dogs they lose their ability to stand because they pack on so much weight people complain female dogs bleed as if that's even a huge obstacle I know many dog owners who did not fix their female dogs and they have no problems taking care of the animal when they are in heat and it's not that big of a deal people who like to fix animals are just big babies they complain about male cat spraying I've owned a male cat that was not fixed I never had a problem one of my dogs lived to be 19 years old he was never fixed he ran away a few times and never got a few more pregnant what does the data show us both fixed and intact dogs get cancer they either get cancer younger or older animals are being killed at shelters and people support that rather than nature killing them they're fixing their animals for them to live longer

but killing them I thought they were all for animal rights I can write more about this topic but I'm not going to don't be cruel to the animal