24 April 2019

MUST watch to keep your dog leash safe!!

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all righty so if this is your first time

watching please consider smashing that subscribe button and don't forget to hit the little Bell for notifications also please don't forget to hit the thumbs up button if you do like this video also feel free to follow me on my Instagram page at Adam your dog trainer where I post pictures on my students on a daily basis so let's get to today's vlog have you ever wondered about your dog's leash and how safe the clasp is well we're gonna go out on the town and go to some of the local dog parks here in Orlando and get a first-hand experience of what pet parents feel is the best class for their dogs and kind of get a good understanding of why they like it and when maybe explain to them the ones that are the best compared to the ones that are worst so this would be pretty interesting I'm kind of really I've been waiting for these to come in male are you got a whole bunch of them and yeah pretty cool so let's go and we're gonna go on the road I'll see you guys at the dog park [Music] all righty guys so we have four different kinds of class these are your standards these are your Tiger claws and

we're going to talk about why these are good and bad so let me go find the gentlemen that are sitting right over there and see what they think all right hold on all right so which one do you like out of the four I like this far left Tiger Claw the tiger claw the large tiger claw why I don't see this like breaking at all it's like okay I have your duty than that and then this seems like a lot easier to connect to the collar okay other than that has pretty much it I don't just seems easier to connect it and then this isn't gonna break back here so which one which one would you like the best and why which one you think works the best and you're actually talking about the tiger claw first yeah I think that one and that's their dogs by the way for those of you guys you know so we're gonna go with this one yeah they went with the tiger claw the lard hello large tiger claw okay so let me show you something okay so on a tiger claw here's your standard the one you didn't pick it doesn't come off right it can't you can do whatever you want to it right and it doesn't come off this is the one you picked right right watch it

actually will open if you dip it literally oh yeah you see catches there and then big catches and it can slip gotcha and these are actually from the factory that makes all the difference Wow there we go got it got it Wow but these are actually from the company that makes all the class all the company's ones larger than okay and then these two are the same just one yeah Tiger claws okay so you want to be really cautious with these these are actually crap sorry no it's fine used to it crap alright and the reason is it doesn't keep your dog safe when they're pulling if they excessive pullers it will pull that open that tiger claw will actually open up so these go in the poop that way these are what you're looking for just the old-school standard ones make sure the dogs don't know this we got a dogfight going on behind us Beacon is playing with his friend oh I don't know what they're doing so back home after our visit with those people at the dog park those pet parents what we found out was they actually thought giant tiger claw

that is this one the tiger claw one assume in there we go the tiger claw was actually the best collar tag or controller compared to this one and as we know in the past I did a video probably about seven or eight months ago about how dangerous tiger claw leashes are so very common misconception about these leashes and once we educated into like oh my god I didn't even realize it and I showed them how they come off the collar is really easy they actually were going right to a local pet store and they were changing out their leash for one of this style or one of the carabiner styles compared to a tiger claw style so you know this is pretty eye-opening and I was pretty shocked how quickly they went right to this one out of convenience over safety all right yeah these are a little bit more janky and the springs tend to go over time but you know what sometimes tried-and-true does mean something these have been around literally forever and there's a reason why they've been around they're safe they're affordable and you know what they're not convenient compared to this so these aren't convenient but maybe that

non-convenience is actually a thing maybe we want done alrighty so yeah big eye-opener and yeah what leash do you use for your dogs and kind of what do you think about what we're doing here and what do you think about this as a educational tool if this is something you like please go ahead and hit that thumbs up button and let me know and if this is a video you don't like and you probably haven't made it all the way thus far if that was the case give me the reasons why you don't like these videos and give me some feedback or be more than happy to try to make these better for you guys that's what they're for alrighty hope everyone has a great day I'll see you guys next time [Applause] [Music]