30 December 2016

My Beagle Pack (2016-2017 Season) | Benson's Kennel

Benson's Kennel is located in Alabama. We breed & train beagles (rabbit hunt) & mountain curs (squirrel hunt) that have smarts, honest mouths, drive, speed, ...

Molly super super dog all day hunt all

they dry I I say she's probably overall I believe I like her more than any other female in my killer Jessica's very mild tempered not me not aggressive she'll hunt all day run all day just a good dog it's another her and Molly it's probably the two my two favorite dogs at the chemical or they would say the two most mature females I have and as you see doll a full 15-inch that's beautiful I'm still running a little bit more weight on first she's going to drop her feet more pound and slim up a little bit more but overall man she is the truth I'm talking about will not barking to the rabbit is up she probably is the fastest dog and my kennel she will stretch out there and get him now Molly runs the front a lot because we running so much thick thick thick briars and brush but if they ever hit the open woods for extended period of time dolly gonna total I'm talking about she's go she may run five yards in front of the other dogs she was stretch out it and get him but she's very very good dog I'm just excited about her potential in the future Molly and Darla I believe

about three and a half I think four years old I've been looking see but then they are solid sorry this is Lacey Molly and dolly sister same mom saying that everything she was just so I believe the litter after Milan dollar and she turning out to be a very good dog she has a big mouth and that's what I love about it then she barked and sounded like somebody throwing hot water on and it's loud that you can hear from here way down in the squirt a deep diving so she's a good dog she's full 15 inch and I'm talking about big and can stretch out go get the man himself I love Tyson because he has a loud mouth and he-man he'll find your rabbit and he does a very very good job I just like him as you all hear his name a lot Tyson is the truth Tyson's a little bit longer than mayweather he probably has one real too many but still I like him I still like it he's dropping some weight probably gonna drop a few more pounds on him you know but overall man he's a solid dog solid dog I'm bleeding him - I just bred him - Marlon the pups about three four months old so I'm looking forward to seeing how

how the pups turn out but uh overall man he's us he's a solid dog he's just a privilege to old finish the hall that's my man right here yeah this is Sugar Ray this is a Tyson and Mayweather younger brother my bread Tyson Mayweather had to litter bread have another litter with drone and Katy and then this was the last letter a lot of his brothers are probably spread it out brother mess let's to spread it out all over the country but uh he was one of the ones that I killed as a pup you know man he's doing very very good I really like him very aggressive a lot of hunt a lot of try he has potential to be just as good as many other Tyson I think so you just need more running time and and that's it but from the time he was a small pup man he's a very exception you know he's he's still doing he I've been running him a lot so he's he's very slim down but uh man I just it's his first season I'm just very impressed with how he's performing and looking at everything but he's a good solid dog ain't that right Sugar Ray say yep yep yep good dog good testing one and only nothing like it Mayweather mr.

consistency himself and the good part about him I like about it he's uh throwing good pups as you've seen to the pups that I'm running out of him or Ruby and he me but you'll see him in a little bit but uh man mayweather is it's just i was so fortunate get two good dogs out of a dollar out of Tebow and a B on my first time I bred him mr. Clark had bred them before but this was the first time I bred them and I got Mayweather and Tyson and I got their sister diamond which I saw the sister diamond but I still have Mayweather enticing you know I'm building most of my daughters and my Kimmel around me he is silent I'm talking about silent he everything you could ever want just man it's just such a privilege to own a dog for this guy he's a man this is uh this is this is Ruby right here Ruby is a pup out of Mayweather and I turn out to be a very good dog she's probably about a year and half old she will not let anybody handle it for me and my kids but she handles like a dream dream with me but man I think she's gonna be a real good dog she got a lot of honey and she just go hon and she's waiting out from being in that

water the dog other dogs were running a rabbit they split off and two dogs are running hurt my brother was running one rabbit the other dogs were running another rat and then she stayed down there a long time by a set heat when her brother came out she was still in there and that's why she wait because she's been that's one but Carlo Reuben another good dog this is uh cami him his mail pup out of Mayweather and died and he's doing pretty good about a year and a half old he has the mouth that I wanted I to die he has very deep grungy tight mouth boy I said huh man he's turning out to be a good little pup he'll do some pretty good surgery I'm pretty good very aggressive when he smell it has a long way to go but he's still a good young dog and man I like his size how he built everything so he was the one that I rant open hit him I heard his heel and I had to let him sit up about six about three months I believe but um he's finally came back and he's running just as strong as ever now actually his hip doesn't even bother he doesn't limp on in the anything so we didn't even think he was ever at the vet

but thinking he may not even ever run period or at least run fast enough to keep up with other dogs cuz man he is came on and uh he's keeping up you know he's not running the front so he's probably not as fast as he's was going to be but he's fast enough to run with the dogs and keep up and they don't pull him or anything so well the way he got to go was up oh that's a nice nice dog call him him me this is Tebow himself he's the father Mayweather Tyson the only one that I was breathing to a bee unfortunately every passed away but I still had him unsure if I ever breed him again but uh man he still is the man and he showed that today uh the first rabbit we ran today Tebow jumped and everything so and when they came through that running fast Tebow was right in there I don't know was he problems in the middle or the back but uh even at nine years old I believe I don't think he's quite tuna man he's still just a solid that was straight burner rabbit er where his sister he's looking here even at nine years old he's a man so fortunate to have a dog like this it's the last dog that mr. Clark gave to me that uh that uh I hope

so he's the last one I had heavy and then I had Sam and I can't think of the other dog little ball little boat was his son like Little Bo jr. but Tebow's the last one I gentleman man he saw you know I did all his sister named candy too but I lost her the first hunt I ever took him out other than that Tebow just just a good dog good he has a very big nose but uh he doesn't really throw too much too much of it in his pup so that's what I like about him too but he's a good dog good dog mr. Clark loved him so you know I love it but that's him