10 September 2019

My best attempt at a service dog training vlog

Chloe the service poodle's channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpNt9_jp4G6LmXXH76nQ2cA.

okay before I start this video I would

like to say that Chloe the service poodle recommended I do it I will put her channel down in the description it would mean the world to me if you guys checked it out so anyway let's get started on this video okay guys welcome to Koch's training blog we are mostly going to do it out here really nice cut your focus and I will be using treats for this video cut your focus sorry if you can hear heavy labored breathing anxiety and asthma are messing up how'd you leave it focus okay that's her alert I am going to get hurt come on deputy into a deep pressure therapy if I can get her situated my jeans are kind of slick DPD she is doing her d PT down stay leave it okay no this is her zip lock of treats come on gotcha sit stay leave it gotcha hey good girl - back away about 20 feet okay and now I'm not going to call her because I've taught her not to come out of a down stay even if somebody calls her unless I'm right next to her Kaja leave it okay as you can see no dog is

perfect we can try our best as handlers but the dog will never be a machine sit stay backing out toy feet again see she's focused and now I will walk straight back to her and I will treat her right when I get back pick up her leash and say with me hey gotcha with me okay so she is in a down stay I am going to get her up out of that and put her into a DP t she can do this on the ground she can do this and chair she can do this while I'm laying down on the couch any of that and she can also alert to anxiety or asthma very well she also if I can't I don't think I can get my camera to where I can show you sit but she can also nuzzle my hands when I'm showing another anxiety behavior leave it focus girl okay so dumb we must always remember our dogs are not machines they will have slip-ups paw and they will be stubborn this heck some days but that's just how a dog is leave it focus down she doesn't have very many like intense commands like she will wait at the door until I tell her to go through sorry for the truck filling bike is a very loud area out here and I think that's it bye

okay I know it isn't ten minutes of solid training but that's because I have a very very hectic life and my dad and brother are running around here asking me to do things every time I'm busy like I could spend all day thinking I'm gonna be busy with their stuff and then the moment I decide their stuff isn't going on that's when they want me to do something so it's very frustrating trying to fit all of that in with filming but I hope this will suffice it is just a really hectic thing to try and do I will however make a video with her and possibly the red service fair coming up soon I will probably take her somewhere like you know a restaurant or something show how she behaves and go to Walmart or the pet store she is sitting right by me right now over filming my anxieties up because you know trying to film and trying to balance everything out well anyway I decided to make this second video for today and I hope you guys enjoyed it I think I did a decent job at explaining everything she does and once again dogs are not robots they do not function at the pace of they will want to do their own thing and they can be

stubborn at times but the important thing is to work with them and a couple slip-ups I'd like if they don't matter like if for instance they lay down when you didn't tell them to or something just let it slide I'll give the dog more comfort I have been training Koch's actually my first dog I've ever trained I've been training her since she was 7 weeks old it has taken a lot to get her to where she is and I am very very proud of her I love her so much and she is sitting next to me filming if you hear her yawning and whining and stuff she whines when she yawns it's this odd thing well anyway I am planning on doing a giveaway of some sort soon because I have a bunch Geir I need to get rid of so if you guys are interested and not just leave a comment well bye guys