20 April 2019

My brothers pet dog! ( edited and funny)

as it's another predator Dino ninja boy

and guess who just got a new pet dog be ok day older this is new pet dog tattoo don't go go go go go go go go it's so realistic it's a new pet dog guys yeah guys you can make it yeah then you killed it there guys it was really hard to put on the tattoo [Music] all these barking I think he just told them the most other dog done not good really good it like this is your really like no doubt in weight now how do you know if he's breathing or not the water moving that's how I know me well the boy doesn't look like it moves are these dead it's moving it's moving I am the victor yes a good side of this what kind of dog is this so we're gonna pick ax I'm gonna get a big axe please pick X let me get my arm my own special weapon Jane hi god I said he's knocked out what he's had you know if he's breathing though the wire moving I just pull out to somebody so he's gone with love now okay see you guys subscribe and follow me on Instagram and here's a notification box and all night posted video ends calm down below for me

this once yeah if you're actually me that you like it sticky thing you know sticks on the wall yeah they just take it to the ball you don't need to do the tattoos and stuff my guys I just