11 September 2016

My Bunny Playing with Her New Ancol Food Ball for the First Time - Rabbit Boredom Buster

Please Subscribe to my Channel :) (So I can continue raising awareness of bunny welfare) Here is my bunny Asha today with her brand new toy!! The toy is an ...

yeah you didn't you didn't care

are you love you I haven't got any pink oh you're so clever we put this up there and you're me buddy you own the engineer okay fuzzy here it's in here can you get the Apple are you coming now oh yeah now come now that hole Oh clever bunny he'll ever pony no no have a brownie hmm this is not you baby oh wait till you see your next toy that's gonna be amazing we'll get some over them then for the other bunnies yum yum nom nom nom you meet you you want to cheat okay you couldn't eat you have to roll it oh let me help ya come under this make it tiny bit bigger then go go and then easier now okay okay yeah how do I thank you I've no cons - we'll hit it Masha it is you got it yeah we'll have to get Daisy that dog one of these two I think everybody will love it one day yeah never baby she never baby I am good anymore you can't cheat anymore how you anywhere Hey you're on your way now