19 April 2019

My dog does ASMR!!😱😋 (must watch!)

hey guys hope you can see me I'll be

silly today is I'd be like a video but didn't be dog is smarter if I could try but most feeding him myself I love three things I can't pick this little fella up because he's pretty big to get picked up and also he doesn't really like to get picked up I don't know so Charlie I'm gonna try to get you can see that he's pretty good to get picked up and he's gonna be cheating I don't know if he ate yet or something but I don't know there's a picture like there's gonna be a picture like I think somewhere around here what can dogs eat or not so that's basically what I just [Music] [Music] so I need to get this camera close enough and it's probably gonna be a little bit hard because it's an iPad app on phone so it's gonna be kind of hard to all I can't stand it I hope you guys will hear this because it's not it's it's quiet in the house well like you might keep talking they would go save it save it ok so first we're gonna feed him some ice I'm so sorry guys if you can't hear this because I don't have a mic oh my god

stick oh sorry guys I don't have a mic can't really hear you know what I think you actually can hear I'll be right I'll just be I'll be right back ok it's starting to climb no he won't it ok ok trillion baby food II think he thinks ahead I hope that is the mic because this used tools [Applause] I'm sorry guys I did show you down the camera cuz I was like this and I don't know if you saw that okay that was him eating rice I don't know if you guys can hear if this mic but I am very I really hope that it does work because this is embarrassing if it doesn't it doesn't so next thing guys it's a banana doesn't interrupt I hope this is not making any loud noises a car so hungry I don't think she has eaten a banana before this never happens in your life isn't all good thing it's still recording too big to be again another half banana so I'm gonna give them another banana not because they don't feel a little bit too short little pieces so I'm gonna have to bring in two pieces so let's go nope

just my dad no okay no no okay I don't want him to hold all because it's to it okay I feel very embarrassed if this thing is not working because I don't know if this works got something [Music] [Music] peanut butter is only sold in hard to swallow it's always hard as well no more no more I'm pretty aware that I just use the same spoon it's okay so that thing would be it thank you guys so much for watching oh and by the way if you guys are calling me like a liar or something because I haven't checked the comment today cuz haven't said that but just so you guys know remember when I posted that video of save my like this is probably my last video well that's because like iMovie was not working at all for me and it was it wasn't working at all and I couldn't upload any videos and the videos after that where videos that were on private and I put them on public like for some reason it was on private so I I screw

through my videos and somewhere on private and and they put them like from years ago or months ago I made that video and they were on private so I put them on public and then basically loading a video so I didn't basically upload a video I just put it on public and so I didn't make a video guys don't worry I'm not a liar but doubt I actually kind of know a way to do it so this is basically it's like looking something his breath smells like peanut butter he's licking his paws it was like I feel right any minute okay guys like this video you guys can make fun of me in the comments if this did not work I thought this is gonna work and I don't know if it's working is it working in a way too loud as a way too low is it not working I'm very scared this is gonna be a fail but she she just he did a very good job it was very satisfying that I don't know if this worked I don't piece guys just want me to do