05 December 2018


Subscribe comment like my dog did some crazy stuff at the End it was insane.

good morning uh early in the morning and

[Music] after after begging repeatedly to my parents for the last 19 years I finally got it uh I didn't day would be that hard you know like actual kid well it's not like a kid but it's crazy his own personality his own film with it it eats sleeps and shits that's about it not like he's an actual person he has separation anxiety and I rescued him from San Bernadino animal shelter I didn't know he had separation anxiety until I finally took him home after about a night I realized something's not right he kind of shouldn't act this way when I leave and yeah separation anxiety so so I've been trying to battle that last couple days and it's pretty bad because he will use his collar to choke himself he will like he'll like he'll everywhere out of pure fear he'll pee out of pure fear like scratch at the door literally cry until I get back and it's one of the saddest things I've ever seen but it's it's bad you know just because of his story and you know his story was pretty sad he was a puppy he was bought by an older and older owner and that owner had passed away and he

didn't know you know he was by himself in the house for a long time before they found out the owner had passed away and he didn't already act so he panicked and he ran away so he was out on these streets for about I don't know man maybe a couple couple months and they picked him up on my birthday November 16 and that's what drew me to him I was I oh my god like he was picked up on my birthday like this on so I got them yeah separation anxiety it's pretty it's pretty tough but you know battling it you gotta train him to you know know that when I leave I'm gonna come back right now I'm not there with him so there's probably everywhere on the training pad there's probably pee on the like carpet or on the tiny pad somewhere he probably scratched the out of the door and he's probably crying and all my good and you know then I can do about it until he learns that I'll be back but I got a dog and it's funny because the dog is like has anxiety and like I used to have anxiety that's kind of like okay I see but it's funny I really like growing a beard all this is

hair my face is actually this is my face all this just my double chin we're gonna talk about my double chin I just wanna be in the gym I'd be in the gym but yeah I'm gonna beard I don't know I'm tilt debate it's horrible starting a beard is horrible no it's cuz you're just it's like growing scratching and turn 21 that was fun yeah it's Iranian I'm loving his weather beautiful day some people alive man I booth you and honestly I see the rain is something positive I see it as God washing away our sins or our city sins because it comes from Heaven's it's just me so I like to break it I like watching it which is why I want to move to see ya so that's about it are you guys gonna go out there the morning and in any type of subject so I would hope taking watch my video do you be bored on your break at work watch my video you at work ain't doing watch my video in the car ain't doing watch the video if you're in the gym and you're sitting on the machine hogging up watch the video maybe you get your lazy ass up and start doing

something so watch the videos watch my damn videos they're pretty entertaining to me maybe not to you but you never know if you don't try but anyways good morning and I'll see y'all later come on get down