10 January 2019


Hi guys! This vlog is shot over two days as I got distracted with Harry on the first day. I took Minnie for a walk (or rather she took me!) Got home, tidied up ...

he's fast asleep and you can't even tell

so today I'm going to go for a walk with Harry and Minnie and now we'll put some footage in as well so you can see them yeah when he's asleep but he's got a onesie on sometimes has built-in mittens there's little phones broken oh my god is that not the cutest thing ever why is it so adorable I'm in the middle of tidying up my house really I'm looking to move hopefully in a couple of months if not sooner so I've emptied out the rabbits box that have their food in because it's just past life now so I don't need that bigger box for it Minnie's getting excited cuz I'm cleaning it out and she thinks it's sort of her and then we're going through all of the on top of my piano because that is ridiculous much stuff that's not there go through all my books and see so I can get rid of menus playing with Rocky again just making it right next to Harry he's fast asleep and then everybody that I know and I think Emma in the universe has a drawer like this that is full of cool crap well as a passport in batteries candles letters in scent statements sunglasses the door handle so

I'm going to go through that tonight I'm guessing get clear getting all the crap out of it because it's ridiculous studio account I ordered this because it was only six pounds it's a dressing gown and it says Harry James on it and oh my god it is the cutest thing ever look how adorable eyes so I've got it in six to twelve months is the other size was north six months and I don't I'm scrubbing Co I didn't have it a bit longer so that fits him in a few minutes she just finds all the noise it's always mini talk about where's your treats what a treat come on then cure 150 gosh knows exactly what color version Teresa she literally snatches her from me she's to be so good to take your treat right sit nice nice no nice just without really gentle then [Music] [Music] Vinay set but this good girl nicely Oh nicely good girl [Music] so I'm getting my car back to tomorrow hopefully tomorrow is Friday so if they get the parts in today which is Thursday I'm like yeah it's today okay good girl

one if not it'll be tomorrow but like the latest so it's not gonna cost me anything because it's all under warranty so please I'm paying for oil in hand and fix my brake light bulb doesn't cost me 15 pounds in total so the car so I just come out for a walk with Minnie and left her so this vlog has been split over two days as I completely collapse a lot good day a Tara was a bit upset sort him out that's why I'm in different clothes so I'm home now after being dragged around by mini that's what she's like little man is fast asleep in his new Harry Potter onesie it says iPhone lease worth I'm up to no good and on his bum it says a mischief managed by Marauders math that's really cute I mean he's been a really good girl today since oh yeah yes oh my god I've not even done the knit the newest new look hall but I've got this bum back and it's actually amazing so I'll it should have swore it but I went out with Minnie and put her treat to no poo bugs have my phone in it and mine hailer because obviously because of my asthma and it just was like miracle though just amazing because usually I'll

bring it back with me or try to stuff things my pocket so she's more annoying so much easier to have it literally it's like hey Alan zipped done it so yeah I'm going to clear the piano because all the crap that's on it my dressing gowns even on it there's just books perfumes cars from when Harry was born there's just so much crap so I'm just going to get rid of it now so it all out and yeah hopefully I look a bit better tomorrow so I shall see you guys soon bye you