06 February 2019

my dogs being annoying for 5 minutes lol

a very random vlog but hopefully you guys enjoy! of course i love my dogs and sometimes they are a little annoying lol but i wouldnt change it for the world the ...


hi everyone welcome back to my channel today is gonna be a vlog this one is all worked-up so he wants to go we are gonna go out soon and he's gonna get worked a little bit so that's why he's all amped up there's also people moving into the apartment above me and all the sounds are like extremely loud down here so all morning he's been a little stressed because he thinks he needs to like tell me like something's happening like something like he needs to do something because usually like loud noises and stuff he lets me know so everytime they like bang something he's like mom like dude something's going on um so yeah he's just like a little worked up but yesterday I did not film for YouTube I did post some things on my Instagram but we did a service dog meet up with one of my friends so that was really fun so Brantley is still really exhausted it was like I think we're there for like 4 or 5 hours or something so Bradley's exhausted butch got worked yesterday too but he's still just like amped up so yeah today's gonna be like a vlog but I have something to show you guys so as you guys know I do like a lot of like reviews or like testing out

products and stuff on my channel I just think it's like useful for other people so and of course I really like to find new things so that's kind of why I do it um I only do that with brands that I actually really like and that it's like good quality and not like crappy or anything so this is one of our elevated pet beds that they absolutely love so then another company reached out to me to see if I wanted to test one of theirs so this is the V hoo pet bed that I'm going to Stout so it's not the one I just showed it's still in the box and I thought I would just do a little like montage and talk with wow I'm like building it so that pet bed is in my living room and I think this one is gonna be in the bedroom because when I go to sleep I do shut that door and sometimes they get hot on the bed so they go to the floor but it would be really nice if they had like an elevated bed in here instead of like transferring all the time just like put this one in here so I think it's gonna go over there like thinking should I set this up here and this house or wait until I move because I am moving in a couple weeks so the one we have over

in the living room I can't take apart so butch just ran off with my bare booty that's mine fine dad got this for me not you well like I was so like I was saying we are moving in a couple weeks and that one does not come apart so I was like oh I don't want to build another bed and then not be able to take it apart but this one comes apart really easily and like goes together really easily so be good to breakdown so I figured I would just do it right now okay I need that part thank you I read like the little key features of it but oak butch could you did you steal this buddy out oh my god why are you so insane today you definitely need to get works again yeah not here flatly oh I can't do anything with you guys butch has such an attitude today such an attitude all right so it's so this bed is to this bed if you can see if its RIP is from vo and it is waterproof fabric helps eliminate hot spot it's easy to wash it maintain repels moisture mold bacteria and Oh original keeping bound system and slip release feet keep your pet more comfortable and safe for them before lightweight yet thick strong power

coated steel frame extremely durable for your pet portable easy design makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use easy assembly no tools that is the best part butch that is the best part because it's RIT looks really easy to put together so but he has such an attitude today give me that you you come back here you thinks this is a game booty you better bring it right now [Music] [Music] you [Music] any pet bed it is a little bit difficult to put together I think because the material like on the top has to be so tight so you really do have to have like a lot of strength to like push the things in however this was one of the easiest pet beds I've ever put together because you don't have to screw anything you don't have to like use any tools or anything and these and the two like the socket area so it's just four of these on each side and then yeah so basically you just have to like pop it in and hopefully I got some good footage of me doing that so yeah it has to be like you have to be strong to put these in

because it has to be like tight if you guys know I have fibro and I have issues with like my nerves and like my hands so my hands like don't work that great so it did take me a little bit longer than it will for other people to put it together because I really had to use like every piece of strength in my body because my hands just don't work that good but I found different ways to put together like jamming it on the floor to really get it in because I couldn't like grasp and like push it together but that one is super easy to put together I actually could do it so that is good my husband I bet could put it together in like point two seconds oh would you like to see the bed I worked really hard on excuse me come check out your bed blue ball but look at your bed oh you happy now you guys don't have to fight over one bed it's big - it's a good size for them fits him really good and you know butch is like huge do you like it buddy yeah now you guys will have two beds so they have this one which we really like to but this one like yeah that's comfy huh really recommend that one if you need it I'll

have the link in the description below for that one oh hi you look really cute oh oh you just so tired from yesterday we got some bed hoppers over here Buchi balls stealing the bed now wow I can't believe like you're not taking up that whole thing that's a good size so we're gonna get ready to go pretty soon but I am drinking more coffee the dogs are kinda just playing I'm just watching some YouTube [Applause] so I just got back me and Bradley are gonna go to my sister's but butch is gonna stay he got exercised and trained a little bit so think the no-sleep that I've been experiencing for like the past week is catching up with me the past two days I've just been so dead and so tired boy I know good boy yeah I know so I'm just so tired [Music] Wow dilemma if I should keep growing my hair out again or if I should cut it again I did it and it was like to here and I really liked it however for like years my hair it was like all the way down here so now I just like don't know if I want to cut it because it's easier or keep it longer

again so we did go on a trail walk with my sister and her family and it was really fun as you saw I've like that pretty waterfall thing that's really pretty I wish I got some pictures there but I didn't have my camera