08 May 2018

My FIRST Rover.com Experience & Review | First Impressions | Tips for First Time Sitters

I had recently booked my first job through Rover & I share my experience and first impressions!

hi everyone thank you for joining my dad

basically just chilling out my sister for a bit too long and it's bedtime and I just wanted to get one video and before I went to sleep so I just wanted to share with you guys my recent Roza experience and it was a really good one I just had my first Rover job a few weeks ago and I was babysitting two cats I basically did a drop in basically like half an hour each dropping with Rover there's a whole range of things you can do it's for those of you who don't know what it is it's a website where you either can look for a sitter for your dog or cat or other animals or you can actually offer services to look after someone's dog or cat or other animals there's a range of services there's you can hold your home as a doggy daycare boarding which means overnight stay or doggy daycare is just there during the day they get picked up like children after work or you can have or you can go to other people's houses just sit and stay there overnight or you can drop in like I did with the cats make sure they have enough food water play with them just interact with them or you just go take a dog for a walk for half an hour and there's a whole range of things just

like extra fees where you can bait them for an extra fee or you can do it for free there's medicinal oral medicine like med what does it called oral administration of Medicine and things like that and everyone gets a background check so you get a thorough background checks to be accepted into Rover which is gray unfortunately there are some negative reviews they'll always be bodies right amongst any kind of community you're going to get them but so far I've had a good experience I found Nova's set off River when I used to work full time when she was very little when we first adopted her and we didn't want her to be home but 10 11 hours 12 hours in the day she'd be dropped off or sometimes it was half a day and then I put my profile out to offer services and the two cats that I sat were my first job a few weeks ago and it was really really great she also tipped me in cash on top of that which was really lovely because River does take a percentage of your income so you keep 85 percent and they keep the rest okay so she left me an amazing review and I want you actually read this review to

you guys it was so sweet of her five-star review sorry my voice is so crackly okay so she said Tina was able to put my mind at ease while I was on a vacation without my cats she updated me each visit with pictures and videos of not just my precious fur babies having a great time but also a full food and water bowls so that I knew my cats were happy and healthy and cared for she exceeded my expectations by making herself available on a days notice and spending real time with the cats playing with them when spending weight when she came over to meet my cats for the first time they took a liking to her right away and I could tell they felt comfortable in her calming presence she familiarized me with her own experience with animals and understood fully how nerve-wracking it can be to leave your animals with someone you have only met briefly this really put my mind at ease and made me able to enjoy my vacation without constant worry I'm so happy that I have found someone right in my area with this kind of enthusiasm and love for animals that Tina has she will be my first choice in the future and when I need a

babysitter for my animals I would highly recommend so I think that's the reason why I got my second job which is coming up in a few weeks and I am going to be sitting and Alderley he's like 16 17 year-old dog he's blind deaf he's incontinent but I spoke to his mom today and explain to her that I have a lot of experience with senior dogs because my last two pugs lived to 15 and 17 and they were just at in a really bad way in the last year and the last yeah yeah just basically the last year and then we realized you know quality of life they weren't happy so we had to we had to euthanize them and I kind of spoke to her over the phone about that today because you could tell she's in a really hard place and he's very difficult letting your your dog go it's like a child it is your child you adopt them you love them you you nurture them and care for them and you know you're going to outlive them is suicide worst at the time it's just like they don't live a very they don't live very long and so she sat that place and I told her you know you know your dog you've raised him if you know he's not happy then you have to really see beyond

your own love and your own need for it's it's a selfless decision because obviously we'd want them to be living as long as possible but if they aren't happy and if they're suffering every day then it's it's not right so I'm going to meet him on Wednesday and we'll see how it all goes and and definitely I'd be I'd be sitting him for about a week I thought I let my milk sit out too long it's just like warm horrible those of you know I like ice-cold milk so hmm I don't know if you guys noticed but my voice is cracking I think with the weather and everything I'm going you there like an allergy it's not like hay fever mixed with a cold I don't know it's just crap here the weather's fluctuating it's just a really odd time right now so anyway anyway because I took that job I'm postponing my Vegas road trip with my cousin till mid to late June because our other cousin is coming to visit him in Arizona in early June so we're probably going to leave mid to late June and that's fine to you because IR s decided to be difficult and need me to come in personally to verify my identity because they're also suss with me like

suspicious because this is the first time I'm filing and it's like literally the past time I'm on the grade codes I was under my mum and then I was in England the rest of the time back and forth back and forth so yeah so anyway I highly recommend Rover to any dog lover cat lovers who need to make some extra cash and do something that you really enjoy at the same time but so far the expense is really good the app is really easy to use everything is laid out really so it's easy to navigate and it's quite simple and straightforward is what I'm trying to say you can also set your own rates but be mindful that based on your experience your reviews if you have money you can't be charging extortionate amounts when you have nothing to prove yourself that were you know like at that price so you should kind of look around and see other profiles and see what there's also there was always a median rate so normally like for cats you'll see between ten and twenty dollars the cheaper because it's easier to maintain cats they are more independent dogs are just like children there meaning that you have to have you have to do a lot

more with them obviously and they've got more emotional needs so they usually hire there's more maintenance with dogs so an overnight stays are a little bit more but from what I've seen like an average walk it's like between 15 and 25 home stay like to stay over which is like overnight okay overnight usually people charge like around thirty five to forty five and you can in charge extra for like bathing or offer it for free for like an extra five extra dog at the same household usually is like an extra five um some people even charge extra few dollars not really a big deal what else is there drop-in visits are usually around the same price as dog walking so like around between twenty between twenty and thirty doggie daycare can be between like fifteen and thirty thirty five dog boarding is usually around thirty eight around thirty so I mean there's usually like an average median kind of range that you'll see a lot of people go around so like you kind of want to stick around that especially if you're new you don't want to be going too high I know my capability like I'd go above and beyond and just a few notes for you guys thinking of joining always

remember that communication is key there's nothing worse in the world than you leaving your first a child the children and you don't hear a word you don't know what's going on with them you don't know how they're doing you're going to naturally worry if you love these dogs cats you're going to worry like I said that they're it's like you're children so the more pictures videos whatever the bateau it takes a few extra seconds it takes even a few minutes to make a video and compiler and I say always put the clients mind at ease just because you may think it's it's too much or if they are too OCD or they're too particular these are their kids you're talking about you know their name just because they're not human doesn't mean we love them any less and at the end of the day everyone has their own way of parenting that goes for human kids do every single person has their own parenting styles and as a sitter you need to respect that because you would want someone to respect your way of parenting if you had to leave your fur children with with people with strangers who just met like it's always good to have even a printout of like a little

booklet of feeding bathing all the maintenance it comes all the maintenance that has to do with with how you maintain your pants I don't even like calling them pads it's like a little pet your fur babies your dog children your cat children web and you'll get parents who like she already told me everything that needed to be done and then she left papers all over the house like stuck to the walls and where the water was the water directions and where the food was the few directions she required that her cat I'm you drink Brita water so I made sure that their water bowls were clean if there was any backwash or kibble I would empty the mountain refill them kibble could not be more than a day old so the cable had to be thrown out into this container so I took a picture of that that I was emptying it out and filling their bowls with fresh kid and it may seem over-the-top and you know unnecessary to you but at the end of the day you have to respect people's parenting styles because that's what you're being hired for and I would want people to respect my parenting style if I handed Nova over for care into

someone's care that I didn't know of I would definitely make sure and I'd feel at ease if they did things the way I do things because that's my child like I want her to be continuing in the way that I do things with her and the way I parent her because that's what she's used to and that's how I am so always keep that in mind and be respectful of that and those are my words of advice also always be punctual always update like after you may think it's a lot but you're only putting the client's mind at ease and making sure that you are respecting their wishes and that they don't have to worry because that's the whole experience with room I really just don't understand why people do the things they do sometimes just being lazy and not giving a damn and just I don't know why they they are there if you generally don't care for animals or don't you just doing it for money then you should really kindly just off right like just give us all the bad name like I love animals and there's nothing better than to be able to help other families and to care for the loved ones and that's really what it's all about and you give back in a way because when

you need someone you can create relationships with people you can refer people and you create trust between people and you have your favorites and this and that so it it's all it it all can be a positive experience but I definitely recommend always do a meet and greet no matter what role you're taking on whether you're a sitter or whether you're a client always do a meet and greet because you need to see how your dog or your card interacts with the person you are hiring and if it's the other way around that person that's hiring you really needs to see that you're genuine and that you have a good rapport with you you're going to be taken care of if no fur didn't like the person that I that I was thinking of I would never go ahead and book her with him him or her so there's a lot to be said about just natural interaction dogs have a really keen sense of who's a good person who's not it's really really true and they should be trusted really they should anyway that's my that's my review of Rover I highly recommend it but lead by example and I highly recommend it if you really

do care about animals and you want to and you want to make some money and do something you love on the side it's just really really great having the car helps so you can drive to client's homes and be more accessible take the dogs to the dog park or somewhere find whatever there's day outs and stuff and outings if they allow that but anyways I'm off to bed now and if you have any questions about Rover or anything please do let me know love you all bye bye