11 January 2019

My Mentor, My Value And Walking My Dog!

January 10th Daily Beard happens while Chase is walked and I talk about my new Mentor.

hey welcome to The Daily here January

10th 2019 so you'd be like what's with the light well I'm walking my dog I've had a busy day so I'm literally doing this like 10 o'clock at night walking my dog so what's been happening today I did work and I'm not going to talk about that but after work I went to Tim Hortons which you know Canadian institution of Tim Hortons and I had tea but I have a warm bed ropes or warm beverage with my mentor I have a mentor there's a bunch of stuff I'm I'm trying to grow in especially in my faith and so I asked if I could be matched up with someone who is a little bit older than me a bit like you know 10 to 15 years roughly he's a bit he's a bit older than that but and gonna losing myself here and I don't know and who's who could impart some wisdom and go on a journey with me of learning and discovery and my pastor was able to say well we're actually doing a thing where we hook some people up with mentors and they read a book together and stuff and so I'm not my Rob my my rock my mentor is named Robert and Robert is Robert is awesome he's a man from the Caribbean islands he's older now he's got

grandkids and stuff he's lived a very full life and verse done a lot of stuff really smart wise guy he's got a great speaking voice he has one of those voices it's like velvet you could easily go to sleep to look on tape Matt shows how old am right there kids it's a book on tape but yeah so we got some meat today and the first thing we were talking about was our value the Booker reading is talking about art value and how value yeah how valuable we are how because how valuable we are because who we are in God and and with that because we have value we should do things with our lives we should have purpose the books all about calling and so I have a very specific calling which I'm working towards which I'll talk about another time I'm not gonna do tonight because I'm freezing my butt off doing this but it it looks at the fact that because we have incredible value because we were made in God's image and we're loved by God and he's given us gifts to do things in this world that we should use our time wisely and yeah and it was nice is good and we got to talk about lots of other stuff I got to find out more about

his life he got to find out more about my life but it's have you ever had a mentor I've been a mentor to a lot of a lot of younger guys I have a ministry in my church where I'm a I'm a leader of a small group with a bunch of other leaders and we have guys who are right now 15 16 years old I started the group a bunch of years back that were that age and now they're all in their 20s 23 between 23 and 25 I think might be might be older but yeah and I've gotten like as mentors and mentees as they call them will tell you you get just as much out of this as they do and so I don't know have you ever had a mentor I'm taking this as a really positive thing I'm looking forward to this we get to meet every month and we're reading the book and stuff but just I have value I know it sounds like go I'm all full of myself no I do I have gifts that I've been given and other than just an epic beard and loving movies and Roberts helping me to develop those and see where God wants me to go with my life I think that's pretty cool so I got steered