09 September 2019

My Pet Pail Dog Travel Feeder Review

Traveling with your dog is a lot of fun, but you have to make sure to bring the right supplies along for the trip. Having the right travel gear will make it easier and ...

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my pet kale now my pet peel is a dog travel feeder that has made my life a whole lot simpler and I thought I would share with you guys because I really loved mine I am the pink and gray color it's also available in teal and yellow gray purple orange and black or blue and grey so as I mentioned it's a travel feeder you can store food and water right in these bowls here if you want to because it has this little divider and these seal around the bowls once it's closed so you can do that and it won't leak at all usually I put our dog's food and water in the bowls here but today I put them up here in these little containers just to show you so this is our beagle Molly this is her pet kale and she's pretty excited to show you all the things that are in here especially the food so there's two containers here and the lid screw on so those are take if you want to put water in one and food in one or you do both there's also I'll show you this utensil it's a scraper or a scoop so that if you put canned dog food in here you would be able to get it out of the can and canned dog food actually fits in here if you

wanted to leave a container at home you could fill one with water and put canned dog food in the other side so there's a pencil I'm gonna put this back over and before I put food in this side and of course she's not gonna eat cuz now she wants something better I don't have anything else so underneath the bowls here there's a little bit of extra room so if you have a large breed dog these big bowls could fit more food or you can store ice packs underneath here if you feed your dog homemade food or a raw diet that would come really Andy so or there's just extra storage if you want to carry medication with you or anything like that now one of the things that you would think you need to carry with you would be a caller and uglies I have one more thing to show you about the Pat pail I'm going to give Molly a little bit of food out here she'll have to finish eating in a minute so we're going to close this up and as I said that feel is going to lock so that's gonna keep Molly kibble in there without spilling and then I'll show you on the outside so we have a poop bag dispenser and there were poop bags underneath

those little pink bowls inside so you can put poop bags right in there and you also might notice that there's a convenient handle as well as a longer shoulder strap now if I take the shoulder strap off it's actually a leash that doubles as a shoulder strap and the handle here is actually a collar that doubles as a handle so you've got a collar a leash and the patio altogether if you don't want to use them you can keep them on as a handle and leash tom and it's just kind of a really cute design and of course it makes it really easy when you're traveling with your dog you just have a way to store a leash and collar without having to carry them with you all the time so I thought that was really unique and again you get the leash and collar included with your pet kale so you could obviously use your own if you wanted to another thing I wanted to mention and actually let Molly go back to eating so now she is just looking for her dinner and this entire product everything from the outside the bowls the inside everything is made of food safe material so you don't have to worry about your pup getting sick from any harmful chemicals

like BPA in the plastic that this is made out of one other thing that you can do at which obviously you can tell it works great for a male this way but you can snap this top off and remove that so if you wanted to keep this at home as your feeder for you know most of the time in your home it has the no slip bottom so you don't have to worry about it moving around while you're not eating you can do that and then just snap the top back on when you're ready to travel with your pup it just clips on you can see the little hinges and they clip on relatively there so you can take it with so the Papio itself the exterior dimensions are 12 inches long by six inches wide by eight inches high so it's very small you can bring it along in the car take it with you while you're hiking of course tote it around with you if you're traveling visiting family anything like that it retails for 69.95 you can find a rate on amazon if you guys have any other questions feel free to email me thanks for watching my video review