08 November 2018

My pets snakes and dogs

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they're getting ready to curl up you guys mom how are you you're just like your mother actually because I said for yourself [Music] [Music] that's all right guys well brought with you matter own okay so stop stop I'm filming a video okay the snakes are moving around I'm going to shout out the sheriff family shares okay back to the sites my brother's face stop it okay I'll stop my mom's over there on her phone like always hey that's true maybe don't stay cuss words where'd you get the grapes from I sent them back I made that yeah those snakes oh yeah they're my dogs oh my gosh I'm getting the chair not my dog we have a pitbull he's a pity paws is he all frosty paws won't win to give him one mokey you on a frosty paws frosty best lucky you want one of these neither rusty pause you guys you don't have to put the camera down for a minute I know I can open it there's one key inside this like I'm gonna it's gonna take a

while my dog eating it here's the look it's a melty down so yeah he's already started on it but he does funny things the cup when it's done [Music] [Music] [Music] sir there's no dog my brothers and my mom's stuff is right here back to the dog hot drink sunny eating I'll see the funny stuff he does with his cup it's funny he don't mind done already he loves these things you're even close getting questions he said I know he's almost done because he's those tomorrow and he's bending down mom there's a new look smaller some just don't good tip the cup to get besides spicy pickle I don't think mom likes him are those your pickle see you like oh my most favorite girls okay she has pickles and others like that she keeps fighting a Walmart horrible Walmart they never they never sell her protein drinks never so her favorite poaching cookies or bars or shakes or anything they never sell anything that she likes she's freaking out yeah like to it she bucks last time

you went she's through a bar because they didn't have any things I mean telling the whole world I'm telling you in the war all entire world did yeah yeah and you know what I'm gonna name this video my pet snake same dog my friend is the Chizzy YouTube channel - she burped she works hard on her videos hard hard hard right now she's working on the music video with her little intros and stuff but she wears hardener videos you guys my dog's tipping the cut to get the sides Loki is good hey that's true Oh dogs like that I got you mom I'm assuming on their face oh yeah she works out about how long do you work out she works out for demons they five days a week how much squats do you have to do cuz you're smart to know how much squash did you have to do a day when you were so what do I do like 125 squats she there's our little mini flippers she's never like it's been a little while she wore slippers right mom I'm not filming myself Loki has wake up stuck to his tongue okay you got it unstuck I'm lucky I got that

funny he's like it's not done yet I can still smell and I can still see he done love his dumb bubai's lucky stone you want to lick this half can locally tab no can you want lick the tab no no don't eat it don't eat it need it slipped you lift it already dude okay it's gone no key I'm gonna throw your stuff there's nothing on there oh hi miss the EXCI up you guys okay okay okay that will be the end of the video thanks for watching we'll see you on next time subscribe if you haven't [Music]