23 April 2019


GEAR LINKS KONG Collar- https://bit.ly/2Od0sIh Chain Collar- https://bit.ly/2ER25Mr Gentle Leader- https://bit.ly/2DdaVCm Knot-a-leash- https://bit.ly/2qiIc6Ml ...


[Applause] [Music] [Music] but I woke up to do as you please comment down below is unanimous this is a different type of leader but there it is shoot recommend okay Titans 20 poll and it does a great job doesn't one game over here identify relations it's about 16 it's right as you can tell if you have a service dog or the dog of any kind you can get 40 percent off if you sign up for their purchase 20 I'm not sponsored by them but I love their products they have a good class which are like this is not my go to the because it's broke in that major enhancer and when water but I really liked it here is his home in English but it's it has a handle [Music] well best this is everyday best is by techyv.com that's why I got it bump and it has a pole straps if I need but there's two demons which I attach my own fault that I mean this goes over his head and then flips on earth belly nice big class Provenza also I got custom touches made

and it said I want Booker I'll take a close-up 60 close-up for your liver not his everyday money but one of my favorite let me see it's a rough we're webmaster it's [Music] [Music]