08 April 2016

My Service Dog, Olivia

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hi guys thank you once again for joining me before I get started

i just want to say thank you so much for all the love and support that you guys showed through all the views and all the subscribers and all the messages that I receive it means a lot to me so continue to follow me and others about my channel and make sure you guys subscribe along with you know your friends and family and it's gonna get started so today I wanna tell you guys about service sign I got my for my service dog when I was 16 years old and her name is Olivia she's Olivia she is a she is Olivia she is a full black Labrador Retriever and I got her when she was 2 years old so I i went out to New York this school is called "Guiding eyes for blind" and I trained for three weeks. And how they do service dogs each school breads their own dogs A puppy raiser comes and they take the dog for about a year they take it to puppy school once a week take them everywhere with them so that way they can start getting used to going out you know around crowds and they go back to the school and they do the big training where they teach them how to find doors go upstairs cross the streets and they do that for about there for about six months to a year and once they graduate from that thats where we come in and I went there and I trained with her for three weeks and it was just it's been such an amazing experience it's been such a big blessing for my life because to me personally I never really liked using the cane to travel I always wanted to service dog. I just feel more confident in my walk you know what I walk faster, my confident and I feel like I can be more independent now there's other blind people that will prefer the cane just because having a service dog is like having a kid because it is a lot responsibility having to take your child with you every time you travel its like traveling with another person and sometimes people prefer cane, some prefer service dogs, i prefer her. she is nine years old so she will be retiring with in a year or two, service dogs do retired

when they're about 10 or 11 and the way that she helps me is she guides me so she helps me find doors, stairs she makes sure that I go around obstacles I don't trip or fall in the hole but the most important thing is that I have to learn where I'm going so I have to learn the routs I have to tell her to go left, right, forward you know wherever I need you to go and did she just make sure that I get there safely and another thing is so what she's wearing is her harness and what this is this means that she is working so when a service dog has its harness on, that means that they're not allowed to be petted and the reason because when it's on they know they're working so if people start petting dogs while the harness is on and you know give them attention and loving them. then it could distract the dog and it will blur the line between just when they're working with and when their playing and another thing thats important is; not to feed service dogs you guys. Because they're on a very strict diet they have to make sure they're not begging for food because she goes to restaurants with me and everything so you know it's not gonna look nice if the dog is begging for food at the table. So that's another important thing that you need to learn about service dogs. And she's a traveler she's been everywhere he went to London to Canada she's even been to Honduras. so she's she's a great great service dog and I'm so blessed to have her in my life and without further do let me show you how Olivia and i How Olivia and I work together Olivia forward good girl! to the curb Olivia good girl good girl! Olivia forward straight to the curb hup up! Hup up baby right right left

Hup up! to the curve Forward, Good girl! good girl go left Right Okay so now before we finish off I'm going to show you a couple of neat tricks Olivia can do So the basic commands is Olivia down. good girl! that's her favorite she likes to lay down Olivia sit good girl! Stay.. Olivia heel good girl! And heal means to come by my side. And then, a couple of fun tricks she does is.. this one, no baby sit. Good girl! Paw! good girl! okay sit down Olivia down. Play dead! what you don't want to play dead? Sit? Okay down! play dead! There you go! Good Girl! thank you so much for joining me you guys I hope you enjoyed the video and learned a few things about service dogs if you have any questions or any suggestions other things that you want to see go ahead and comment below Make sure you subscribe and if you like this video give a thumbs up for me and Olivia see you next time bye