11 November 2018

Nashville, ¡la Cuna del Country!

Hola disfrutones! Nashville, Tennessee, ¡la cuna de la música country! Cuarta parada en nuestro roadtrip por el Sur Profundo de EEUU. Por cierto, no os ...

Hello fellow travelers!

Today we have to shout because this street is a mess! Do you know where we are? We are in Nashville, Tennessee, Country Music’s Paradise! Ryman Auditorium is the Temple of Country Music. It’s this building. If you want to be a star in country music, you’ll have to come here and give a concert It was built as a gospel center. The building is famous because the Grand Ole Opry has been recorded here since 1925. The Grand Ole Opry is the most famous Country Music radio program in the USA. We are lucky to have two ambassadors in Nashville, Melanie and Dean. “We like your videos” It’s the only sentence he knows… no, another one… “Hello, fellow travelers!” Here is the famous Broadway Street. It’s a crazy place full of music, neon lights… The show in Nashville is not only in the clubs. It’s also in the streets. We saw Cinderella’s carriage! Look at these cowboy boots! Do you see yourself wearing these, for example? Yes, they are great to go to the office! There are a lot of bachelorette parties! They come in a kind of box, run by a tractor… I don’t think it’s glamorous, but… they look like they are having a great time! Honky Tonk bar. It has 3 floors with different kinds of country music. Let’s get inside to see what it’s like. We are on the upper floor. Awesome atmosphere! Look at the terraces! Now we are at the entrance of Wild Horse Bar. It’s one of the oldest and the most legendary bars in Nashville. Wow, it has an upper floor, it’s huge!

Look at the stage, it’s really big! We had a blast! We learned how to dance Country in line. The party is also in the street! 10:30am and there is live music! We have to praise Nashville’s cleaning service. Broadway St. is clean, especially knowing the nightmare we saw last night. In order to show that Nashville is the Country Music World Center, look at its auditorium. We didn’t know anything about country music, we have to recognize… But, if you are coming to Nashville, take advantage of it to learn a bit more about this genre. It started in the 20’s in rural areas. It was known as hillbilly music. Its origin comes from folk music from Ireland, Scotland… and they mixed it with other kinds of music like blues and gospel. In the 50’s they started to call this genre Country Music. Country music has been mixed with blues, jazz, rock… In Nashville you can find the main country radio programs, producers… All great music stars have to stop here if they want to succeed. Madeleine is a singer. She is in a singing game show, going across the US. On the outskirts of Nashville you can find Music Row, a street with a lot of recording studios and music production companies. RCA Studios is one of the most important in the world. In the 60’s, they produced what they called “Nashville Sound”. It was a kind of mix between Country and Pop Music, what helped country music to become fashionable again. Elvis produced more than 200 songs here! Very important music stars like Dolly Parton, The Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison, also recorded here! Nashville is not only music. Be sure to visit the Marathon Automobile Factory. It was the first car factory in the South. Behind us you can see some of the first cars. They are really beautiful! The place we are now was the location of the troops during the Civil War, both Unionists and Confederates. The front was stabilized here, so soldiers found some moments to stop fighting… and start playing baseball… They are telling us that on Sundays they meet up here to play baseball, but in the “old style”;

that is, not just with “retro clothes” but also with old rules. Opposite the park is the Farmer’s market. You can find shops to buy products and also restaurants and bars. There are a lot of different kinds of food. After buying the food, you can sit down on a chair at the tables that are in the middle of the market. Today is the time to eat what? A hot dog! Regarding dogs… this market is pet-friendly! Good! Do you know that Woolworth is one of the first supermarkets in the US? I wouldn’t call them a “supermarket”, but a “department store”, like a Corte Inglés in Spain. Here something happened that was important in the civil rights movement: The African-American community decided to hold a pacific resistance, sitting at seats where they weren’t allowed to sit, places just for white people. This is one of the places. That happened in these chairs that are behind me. Some African-American people sat down; some white people shouted at them, spit at them, threw food at them... they were even arrested, but they resisted peacefully. Nashville was one of the first towns removing the segregation in public places like bars and restaurants. From last night to today we have enjoyed more than 50 live music bars. Now it’s the time to decide what was the best for us: Layla’s, pure classical country music spot. Don’t forget that name! We have come to another legendary place in Tennessee. Its name is Loveless Café. We though it could be just another 50’s style Southern coffee shop, but this is like an empire. It’s famous for its biscuits but you can find the typical American breakfast. Look at this, fellows, no firearms allowed. The typical thing could be to eat a real Southern breakfast: omelette, sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs… We preferred to eat its famous biscuits, with jam and butter. The minimum order was 12 biscuits… but I asked them for something smaller… just 4… the kid’s menu… We say goodbye to this video in Nashville. What a great weekend we spent here!

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