29 January 2016

Natural dog care 3

Here I show what I feed the dogs at the moment - scraps from a local butcher. All raw, natural, grain-free and pretty cheap food - that the dogs love!


let it not cool right Lu this message ready hi there right I specimen resonance hi again this is the third video on a natural dog rearing and I just want to tell you I'm going to feed the dogs now I've been for my morning walk and app and I haven't got so much raw work at the moment but raw milk is a really really easy way and very very healthy way to feed your dog's head in it ah so the other day my husband went to a local butcher which is a big butcher where they phase they actually butcher the animals and they have a lot of waste that they don't really sell I think they use it for dog food but anyway he bought for me a two big business which is cow livers and I think they wait about 10 kilos each and then he bought some some leftovers that they have from the the throat when they kill a butcher a cow or a calf there's a lot of fat and stuff hanging from the front from the neck and they cut that away and actually send it specimens to Germany there's a dog food so I got it home and it was very heavy and very messy and I took it into the kitchen and just try to keep it as clean as I could but this little course a lot

of blood in it but but then I chopped it up into these little piece right she took one oh yeah that's the river so he's got a piece of liver each and it was very messy a sort of stood at halfway over the sink and just had a big bowl I put it into and I chopped up a whole lot and I put it into a big tastic bag and into the fries I just laid it down flat and then once in a while I went out and just bang the bag so all the liver pieces didn't freeze together and this throat stuff actually it cut in tips I mean each slowed throat piece was sort of a long piece like this and I cut it in half with a very sharp knife and if you're doing this it's actually good to sort of make it very cold before you do it because it's a very sort of rubbery or hard to cut so when it's very cold it's easier to cut and so I'm going to give them a big portion now and so tomorrow they're not going to have any food so this is if they had killed an animal they would suck themselves and that's what we're going to do now so I'm here I'm Stefan it will give give her the most doesn't it yeah so there we are and I want to end off saying this that many people with us one

of the things that we often forget is that animals are tough especially crossbred animals I very tough and they can tolerate a lot of things with it and they don't need to be pampered it's actually not good for them to be pampered so treat them as animals and know that they are very tough and another thing i want to say is it often with our animals we when we want to be nice to them we give them something to eat and we do that with ourselves and our children to that you know when you want to be nice to someone give them something to eat and actually it can be a really bad habit and you can make it very sort of them an animal that's always begging so i think i also have gone away from from using food I haven't really done much but I've used it to call them to me when I'm walking to have it in my pocket it's a good way but I found that when you actually just pet them and give them some love it's just as good and I think it's actually much better so they learn that when you just say I hires great dog good dog is so good a Newcastle them and you scratch their backs and I think that's much more better way of attracting them and just

giving them something nice so move away from the food little bits of food all the time and just to giving them some some compassion so please in just have a bit of a so stop seeing the don't eat I have to sort of pull it apart because it it's quite severe it's got a lot of tendons or what do you call it and I haven't she has to sort of bite it to pieces and also I can say that this is actually a quite cheap winter to feed your dog because now maybe I'm giving their keeler now all together and they cost about maybe about three dollars and what it's like about two dollars i think maybe two and a half american dollars and i won't see them tomorrow so that means i'm feeding two big dogs for more or less a dollar twenty five a day and they're getting raw food which is the perfect food for them this so it's really not expensive so listen