05 October 2016

NES Equine Performance System

French / American Dressage rider describes her experience of the NES Health System.

my name is Vince I'm a french-american

dressage right I started when I was six years old my mom took me to a smaller manage and and I just ride away fair enough it was really instant with me and then I slowly grow into it and started pretty early to teach and complete it became slowly or my entire passion even so I did a lot of sports but the horse is really to cover so at one point I needed to an opportunity to find some kind of system or something that could help me in a very natural way I've never been really enthusiastic about any classical veterinary use like hard drugs or injections when I I met my house the Wonder machine I was thrilled and discovering the software with the provision it was kind of an unexpected not only alleviate pain but also increase performance keep my horse is feeling loose because for me when I read looseness is really important have program today we'd enjoy physical rejuvenation after good workout with the horses I found then using that program helps them to not have any sore muscles and feel fresh the next day the also program I do like a and I Sydney works one of you is the actual balance why

because I test it on myself I got kids here and i also got step on my foot and what it's capable of doing it's pretty surprising i also seen it too wonderful tool if your horse is at the commune competition and he hurt himself a bump on your rolling install you can use it it's it doesn't test FBI and it's remarkable you will get really good result from it also what I do with my hair is not only for any pain or injury I also use it in a regular base with my horse is so fun accessible they feel good every single day so I would use it it depends on the horses like if my magazine season i will use on the ovary or the pelvis area because of course that kind of swells up a bit there and if it is for my stallion i would help a bit in keeping in like emotional stress release because of this all modes coming up use as my health of the provision on my own horses but I also use it on my client horses to make sure that when they come back to a big show that they feel good and they can get treatment no matter but I think nests and provision and my house are a wonderful compliment to to those horses well ask a lot