14 June 2017


Mamrie Hart, Joselyn Hughes and I played a SPICY game of Never Have I Ever while eating Wendy's New Fresh Mozzarella Chicken Salad and New ...

Yeah, I'm into it.

I am, too. I am very into it. Uuuhh...Oh my God. Here we go. Here we are guys! Hi guys, my name is Grace Helbig. If you did not know, now you know. Your life is different now. I'm here with Mamrie Hart and Joselyn Hughes and today we are doing a very fun video because for some fun reason Wendy's wants to work with us. Something tells me they like redheads. Yeah, that's true. That's what it is. They have a brand new series of summer salads that they're rolling out. If you guys couldn't tell we are Imperfect human beings. Whaaaaat? I definitely showered today. But the good thing is though we're imperfect We can find solace in these perfect delicious fresh Wendy's summer salads. We got a mango Strawberry Chicken and feta salad - Mine is without chicken or feta because I'm a vegan. What you got Grace? I have a fresh mozzarella salad with chicken. Oooooo! Wow. And I got that salad with the mango and the strawberry with chicken and feta and sunflower seeds. Woo! Love it. So to drive this point home that we are imperfect which I'm sure you guys know already We're going to play a game called fork it over It's basically never have I ever but if we have done the thing that is suggested in the question We have to eat a bite of salad. Something tells me I'm going to be full after this game. Hey hey! I might need another salad. Luckily, Wendy's dropped off 42 of them. Over there. You may have submitted to us on Twitter some never have I ever type questions, and we're going to go through them right now in this rousing game of FORK. IT. OVER. Joselyn is ready to get into it. I knoooow. She's got a bite on deck. Oh. You imperfectly grabbed the wrong one. Never have I ever accidentally leaked a friend's phone number. Ohhh fudge. I was live streaming with you And I started to prank call Harley Morenstein Yupp. And I went like this to show everyone who was watching that I was actually calling him and And his number popped up. Luckily that was five years ago, so video quality was so bad that no one could make out the letters. Numbers. Mamrie, thank God you never leaked my phone number because getting a new phone is expensive But you know what's not expensive? These new salads from Wendy's.

Very affordable. Hahaha. Never have I ever eaten an entire box of pasta in one sitting Dried or cooked? What? Okay this one's pretty easy. Never ever laughed during serious moments. Oh, I believe we all have You should! It's a good old church laugh everybody needs to do it. Never have I ever been on a boyband themed cruise. Don't even something to be ashamed of at all. If anything, I think that adds to your perfection side. Thank you. That's true, and you can read about it perfectly in my upcoming book. Never have I ever had a crush on a friend's parent. Excuse me Never have I ever fallen asleep on a bus or train and not gotten off at my stop and ended up somewhere else. Ooooohhh. I was like no way and then I remembered waking up in Coney Island I'm sorry, but sometimes the subway is the worst capsule of crazy of all time and sometimes It's like being rocked to sleep. Yeah, especially when you've waited like two hours to get the subway, you're like oh finally, peace! Also to take it to an extreme level, I have fallen asleep at my gate at the airport and woken up hours later when a different flight was boarding at my gate, got in line for that flight and the woman's like your flight left two hours ago And I fell asleep ten feet from the entrance. What a mix up. You know what else is mixed up on the daily? These salads from Wendy's So fresh. So quality. But seriously, they're really fresh. Never have I ever farted and woke myself up. You guys. That was that you screengrabbed that specifically for me. Do we have to to talk about this one or can we just quietly eat? Nothing like listening to that crunching noise of you and your friends. Oh man that iceberg is crisp. Look, nobody's perfect. You can catch that on an old Grace video. You'll have to find it. Yeah. Leave a comment in the comments below if um you can find the video in which we talked about that. Never have I ever called a teacher mom or dad. I've actually never done that. You know I haven't done that but I have definitely Been on a call with like a customer service rep for something and then be like thank you so much, okay. Love you. Never have I ever gone skinny-dipping I do it like once a week in my hot tub

with my morning coffee well. You haven't lived if you haven't skinny dipped What are you doing?! Let 'em out to play. Never have I ever pretended to like someone that I don't. Everyday! That's called life sweetheart! Never have I ever used my pet as bait to get someone's attention. Never have I ever cut my own bangs. Yeah, okay. I mean had I had a delicious salad I might have been restrained from cutting my own bangs. Blood sugar level. Mhmm truly. I have not either despite how they look right now. Never ever stalked a fan's social media account. Oh yeah, yeah I've looked at an account and gotten so deep into the archives that like I was I was touching it like I was doing surgery So I wouldn't accidentally like anything. Hahaha. Dude, that's quality. You know what else is quality? These salads. They're made with fresh ingredients Cheers! All of us feel much better about ourselves and all our imperfections because these salads have comforted us. It's much cheaper than therapy. That's way cheaper than therapy. Thank you guys so much for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you learned a lot about us And how imperfect we are and how perfect Wendy's salads are. Make sure you guys go subscribe to Joselyn's channel and to Mamrie's channel and follow them on all their social media because they're hilarious human beings in all of their imperfections. Leave a comment down below what of these never have I evers have you guys done? What's been your most embarrassing moment or which of these salads looks the best to you? I would love to know. Give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to this YouTube channel. I make videos Monday, Wednesday and Friday sometimes on different days than that as you can see. Other than that, I don't know. Man these... I don't know how that happened.