31 March 2018


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hey I'm Jay from the Cub Scouts welcome

back to another episode of granny now I thought that once we escaped Granny's house for good we wouldn't have to deal with this saggy breasts long dress cheese teeth bat wielding old saggy wrinkly monster face ass again but I was wrong because there is a new update and the updates to this new granny are there are more places to explore there are more objects to find and an extreme difficulty and you guys know when I hear that there's an extreme difficulty I go uh-huh so as you guys can see here the difficulty says extreme granny moves faster than you do what the actual fuck two extra locks on the main door and darker motifs on so we are gonna try that right now guys if you guys are cool with dang it down with that everybody sit down buckle p-bog up kiss here we go I can't believe that granny's faster than you an extreme mode that's some horse shit okay so dark mode is on and it really is dark because I can't see shit oh my god that is so fucking dark where is she I don't want to find out I don't want to find out I don't want to find out who oh shit that is so dark eyes whoa I'm already scared okay so we

really gotta use our ears for this we got to keep our ears all the way open Dumbo style I'll get out I check this nothing okay what that fukk cogwheel oh shit oh fuck oh god oh god oh god she moves faster than me she moves faster than me where she dude it is so dark oh my god I can't see shit this is horrible as the Spanish would say this is El horribly it is horribly okay so I got a cogwheel that's good I guess I can't even see shit oh man I'm worried like tearing up she pushed that thing back in place with her old wrinkly veg first of all we got to figure out what we need this cog wheel for second of all grandi scary is fuck granny's scary oh I couldn't move I feel like if you want to make progress in this game it's got to be on the first day it just has to be because there's no traps on the floors and I don't know it just feels like it's a fresh new thing okay no cos thing there oh shit fuck okay she's coming really fast and don't think like that you dirty bugs fuck this bullshit that here my go go go go go go go go go Oh whoo okay when she's up here I'm gonna look at every place inside the

bathroom then go downstairs we got this get up here granny come on I need you to be up here let me try to knock this thing down come on oh shit I did not meet akuto i basically teabag their old wrinkly face uh what the fuck is this melon something is inside this melon okay oh shit where is she oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god go hear something excited this fucking Nelly oh okay I think I need a hammer to smash the melon and then I can get whatever's inside but who the fuck puts an item inside of a melon I don't anything in here nope how about here nope okay oh I'm so fucking nervous oh she's laughing is that playhouse key there's a playhouse key oh shit Oh God I'm so nervous play house key huh look at this dude I gotta figure out what the play houses one go go go go go go go go go go play house damn how fuck this guy's we're taking a risk taking a risk being there oh shit oh god the hell's this what oh shit this is my fifth day in this house she chases me wherever I go I'm quite injured and my body hurts the only thing I remember before I woke up in this

house is that I was driving when my car suddenly broke down I went out to see what the problem was when someone suddenly hit me in the head I have managed to open a pair of locks on the front door but that's all why does she do this I hope no one will experience the same thing as I do if I do not survive this and if someone finds this message I have noticed that she sometimes hides things inside fruits who does that who does that come on man all right let's figure out what's over here this is new hopefully we don't find the dead guy that wrote that note whoa whoa well side what the fuck what is that a guillotine okay what the hell oh the melon oh I gotta put the melon hair I don't need the hammer to slice the melon open I just put it in the guillotine okay so we gotta get the felon and then we gotta make it back to that spot and I just want to see what's inside that melon and then I'll be satisfied okay we got to find the melon melon melon melon melon okay melon there what's this which

handles what do I need a which handle for okay let's do this here get in there come on whoo okay when she comes up here then I'm gone I am gone there you go all right go go go go go go I gotta find the melon fuck right there right there oh I'm so nervous nothing there come on where the fuck is the melon no melon well shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit she's gonna get me oh man whenever she catches you huh oh shit does a key here say key okay I gotta make a - ready let's go come on come on come on come on whoo come on please be the melon please be the melon we got this guy's I've actually been playing this for a while and I finally found something worthwhile it is weapon key okay I'll take that fuck it ready let's do it let's do it okay shoot this bitch 15 seconds it's insane it's like no time at all but we gotta find the melon damn it ah damn come on all right I find this frickin melon come on come on come on come on Oh melon I just want to figure out what's in the melon please what's this oh now is shorter than 15 seconds come on now all right you know what guys let me see

what else is over here because all I saw was the guillotine and then I got jump scared by granny so let's see what we can find over here come on maybe something could wait the melons right here oh shit okay open it guillotine come on oh there you go what's in it what's in it that Playhouse key oh shit go go go oh my god kitties what the fuck the Playhouse has to be somewhere around there because I can't figure out where else in the house a playhouse would be unless it's by that place where I use the hammer to take off the planks that area but I doubt it so let me explore that new area bin let's see what we can find okay once we're in this new area we got to be very very careful because we don't know exactly where she comes from hold on what's that play house key I don't know where it is okay that's closed what's this I need the screwdriver okay play house that's a well right wait I could use the handle for that wait is the play house let's use this handle first what let's

put it right here this is where it would be right there you go oh I got a hold it shit this is gonna take forever and she's probably gonna come what is that the hammer it's the hammer okay we're good for now let me use the Playhouse key shit okay play house key let's unlock this oh shit okay hide him here oh wait damn it she heard that okay let's open this what's in here something is missing here the COG the one that I found in the beginning okay so the COG goes here okay so now I know where all the items go I got a battery I'm fast as fuck oh you think I know what the batteries for let's go come on come on no dude she is insanely fast I think the batteries for that thing in the Playhouse I need a battery and I need a cogwheel and then we can make the Playhouse work but down this girl is way too freakin fast Oh cutting pliers nice found you bitch Oh No Oh God so I found cutting pliers and I also found the back hand of the grandma get the pliers what go go come on come on come on come on come on come on go go get it get it get it get it get it get it okay save food got it okay she's

right here go go fuck you fuck you no no no fuck your mother fuck your mother fuck your mother go go go go go go go go go go oh my god another one alright guys but that's gonna do it for the new update of granny I want to revisit this again in another episode because I want to make some progress we discovered the playhouse we discovered the new areas that were inside the house and we figured out that granny is on some crack because she is so alert you so fast and her reactions are way more intense but we are gonna make some progress next episode I promise you guys if you want to see that video as soon as possible make sure you give this video one big fat like and tell the friends today that Jay from the Cub Scouts is there