14 December 2017

NEW - NEW MINNIE MOUSE Walk And Play Puppy Snowpuff and Puppy Dog Pals Rolly & Bingo

New Minnie Mouse Puppy Dog Toy & Puppy Dog Pals walking ups. DisneyCarToys Ava and Sandra open up the new Minnie's Walk and Play Puppy and a ...

hey everyone its Sandra from the

disneycartoys Channel I'm here with little Ava and it's puppy day so we have a puppy dog pals that like our complete collection of every little character actually to kissies our main feature today is are really cute brand new Minnie Mouse walk and play puppy that's cool I knew I was petting it looks really cute so this puppy at wives and it kind of interacts with Minnie Mouse so I say well take him out put him on a little walk and then also remember puppy surprise they had like brand new ones this is Eliza and she's kinda multi-coloured and then what wait a minute that's too scary for the puppy take cupcake take them all no puppy wants to see them okay let's get these out so they can save our cute little puppy dog house she's so cute I know this is a curious little pop you ever got a puppy like this in the r-la wicked know what you're petting it and you can take off its leash so many possibilities oh so she's got like a little puppy no way that's cool so you can press this [Music] that was like quite the dance Pepi here let's get the yeah

so then press here to want to press the button eBay press right here that's her little dog clicker and then another puppy will do something with the leash you want to unconnected early on the leash okay really dance dance Rollie or [Music] hey you know we should get a rolly more his own size hey what's in it let's get this on again okay let's do another little trick [Music] okay [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] and then here we go and open up your puppy surprise yes let's see how many puppies are inside Eliza oh yeah do any press a clicker see this push this in there we go and this let's whack [Music] [Applause] [Music]

should we see how many puppies are inside here oh hey this night mattress no pass it's a boy all right let's see it Oh like these ones kind of look like triplets they look really similar and then we go rent puppy with all of the rights and then a little weight the baby puppies yeah there's so many bad and then who cleans up all the puppy doodoo naked mouse where he cleans up the water much um is you put too much soap into the washing machine oh really so are cannot clean up yeah he can't like put like all of these water in your mouth as you put too much like water in the washing no oh good okay well thank you art ok well he'll help out and then we have all these new puppies scarf take care of so many puppies oh wait Minnie wants to pet them these are the hey baby puppies okay well I think it's time for puppy naptime they're all kind of getting tired like a snowball thank her snow oh wait oh wait no being on Rolly should be doing it Thanks thank you even feel I hope you enjoyed this video please make sure to give us a like subscribe to the disneycartoys Channel and the Commons Licence out your favorite puppy was here

tonight yeah that's so cute puppies surprise they're all so cute so many puppies [Music] [Applause] [Music]