10 November 2018

New pet REAPSTER explained: How and when to use him! Castle Clash

Hope this video helps you out! ENjoy.

what's going on guys this is JT Here I

am over here on the iOS server on my main account in this video we're going to be talking about the new pet reap stir basically where he shines I just bought a whole bunch of the pet as well so I'm going to be maxing him out showing off the stats also bringing him into battle along with after all that we do have some events to do as well so let's go ahead and get right into it so we got my boy reaps there right chin we also have 1600 extra reef stirs which is very nice so let's go ahead and read his scale skype slash and talk about it so we got when he wrote is attacked reap stir has a 60% chance 2/1 nearby enemy hero now honestly whenever you see this stat are this saying on a pet you really don't need to worry about it too much if it says when hero is attacked because pretty much any hero you use an in battle it's gonna be attacked right that's just how it is I mean if it's my tower if it's about an auto proc if it's about another year or whatever the case may be you're always going to see whatever pet in battle if it says when heroes attacked right that's my point so we got dealing a total of three hundred and seventy percent pet attack damage to

targets in the area over five seconds which is okay not bad but here's the key part also reduces target's attack speed by 50% for five seconds and the cooldowns 5 seconds which is pretty freakin sweet in my opinion when reach there is removed from battle so basically when the hero dies it summons a shade into battle for 15 seconds reap stir shade is elusive and has level 7 scatter and attacks enemy heroes first now one thing to notice in what this says is the skill that reached or does that little Skype that he has is it's an AoE it's an AoE proc right so reached or literally can drain the attack of ultimately 5 heroes if you're using them let's say in lost battlefield right so my personal opinion what I feel like we're researchers gonna be the best is mainly on heroes that are probably going to die the quickest you know I'd like to put him on the weakest hero in the and why is because even if your hero dies he's still gonna be a loose of in battle for 15 extra seconds and I mean by that time honestly if the battles not over then you probably lost the fight right so that's kind of why I go with

that so let's go ahead and upgrade him and actually probably gonna have to read his still again they even think about that cuz all the percentages might go up once we get this bad boy to level 9 if we can get him the level 9 what do we got we got 1,300 more unless it's crazy how much might you get for pets 16 mic per level oh I didn't even think about have enough I'm even think about having a raid mana to level up the pet oh my gosh really I don't think I have any mana in my warehouse come on let me see if I can just pay to uh to do it oh my gosh my dungeon skills don't even give mana all right well we got a rates and quick man all edit this out of the video maybe oh here we go there's 2 million man actually on the first basis should be okay alright let's go ahead and attack this guy take this man's man I'll just go ahead and leave this fight or should I try to take all his man I really don't want to lose any hero is dead alright well we're just going to take the rest cuz right there all right so we got all that mana is two million more mana enough that is the question let's keep leveling this bad boy up you know it's definitely level this bad boy

all the way up so we got we got him at thirty-one thirty-two come on get him what's the max out Sage ooh we only got him 233 what he pets max out of 34 okay so he's almost maxed out and we should be able to get his skill right up right so let's go ahead and level them all the way up actually you know what let me save these blue things let's use these green things because I'm almost full on those so yeah nine hundred thousand all right skill maximize reach all right let's go ahead and check out the sky slash and see did anything change besides the percent of damage yes also reduces targets attack speed about 65 percent now instead of sixty so that changed and also he got a little bit more damaged alright so nice Annie also has 40 percent of assisted heroes attack which is any pet if you have them maxed out so let's go ahead and get this bad boy into battle alright so let's go ahead and bring him in excellence choose insane five I suppose should be strong enough I don't I don't actually want to kill him but I do want him to be able to do the enough damage and get him out like ASAP so insane five we'll just go ahead and drop something right here

hopefully Serena doesn't die instantly so now as you can see why is it my reach or attachment what my research is just like you know what please I don't want to fight that molten Akama little bit scared or is he getting stunlock what is going on with that reach - right there I've never seen a pet not even attack or is it showing him attacking what's going on with that mole tanika's I melt Anika I have an iron really what's going on with it is that the reefster sky protects oh maybe that's Reacher's attack actually when he's just whipped out right there in the corner alright let me redo this because that was kind of crazy never seen that happen let's bring out reefster again that should not happen okay maybe use this based in a weird so that's what reefster looks like I guess if a hero has negative attack then it puts that little blue thing on I mean that is from the reap store right let me just double-check that that's this attack I personal honest and don't even know that looks like a Skype attack but just a double check let's drop Montana can make sure the same thing but that is the research guides attack

what we saw there now one thing that would be interesting that I just thought of actually would be putting a look go ahead we should be able to see this guy but how far the distance is it it looks like it's only actually hitting Ono with it demo Tanika - so we're hitting the mall Tanika and I guess every now and then the skull Knight I don't know it doesn't look like oh it doesn't even show the sky's attack when Serena's not alive well that's crazy time I wonder why all right now I'm just confused what's going on with that skyped attack let's put this guy on a different hero and see what's going on if the same thing we're the same thing happens there let's go ahead and put bring drew down here all right let's bring Drude into battle same spot it's whatever I just wanted to make sure that this was reached your skies of course my druid dies instantly actually you know what instead of changing the hero and everything else let's just bring it to an easier dungeon just go to dungeon 3 because we have to tell here all right so now that is Reap source attack you can see right there so it only works

when the hero's alive but when the hero's dead I'm wondering if that negative attack actually works and one more thing I want to find out that works what if you put revive on your hero can the hero then revive and generate to reap stirs at once that's what I want to find out so let's see let's go ahead and put revive on this druid revive and sicne yeah that's gonna be crazy because if you can get to reach ters on one hero with the revive crest set that'd be pretty interesting for certain situated be situation all right so let's go ahead and get back in insane 3 because the Drude came and handling we got the Reacher attacks right there the food already died and there's another reap stir is there gonna be another one oh there's two Reapers right there check that out we've got to reach there's at the same time because of the revived process that's pretty cool the only thing that I don't know though is if the reefster only does damage after your hero dies or if it still reduces the attack let me get in here to the pet Plaza and read this one time so when hero's attack reaches six minutes chance at one nearby enemies hero Dylan

pet attack damage to the targets in the area also reducing when Leapster is removed from data when hero dies it summons a shade into battle okay the shade is elusive has level 7 scatter and attacks enemy heroes first so it doesn't look like the shade actually reduces attack once the hero dies which does kinda change my aspect on rear perception on reefster because you might not want to exactly put it on the hero the dies first but still wouldn't be the worst idea cuz I mean it's not like he dies and does nothing if the hero dies the reefster still becomes in battle and has a level 7 scatter so that's still pretty nice so yeah I mean I'd still probably put it on my weakest hero to be honest with you just because it does things after death especially since you could use other pets on other heroes that are staying a lot right for the full time and you still get something out of reap story if your hero does die but yeah I mean that pretty much does it you guys get the point of reefs or hope this video helped y'all and also hope y'all enjoyed the video as well I am out of here for now peace out fellas