04 January 2017

New Year's Resolution! - Dog Walk Vlog

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a new year and a new resolution time

again where to walk up all five of them movies the park go baby don't forget the berries clear the mess get the water bowls when days for each puppy oh and harness for you to hubby refits nipping Griffis you look so happy ready come here hey everybody lo so excited hi scruffy ah ok we're all gonna oh no oh oh oh get up calm down we gotta do this in an orderly fashion so I have this color quarter usually to the up nevermind yeah ok you you how about you yeah ok also having 50 watts I mean cuz I don't do as often I walk a few at a time but not all at once yes baby I got you yes Jerry I love you too you got fatter boy everybody's got again the cars you gotta be crazy let it go let it go let it go yeah okay stop stop sorry dad a car in the car yeah in the car grab the Roofus cuz he's a good boy don't need a leash get inside go everybody's waiting stomach God yeah hello everybody welcome to my ride welcome welcome babies how's everybody doing today there's such a chaos you you gotta calm the down to be okay we're just gonna go down hill do not try this at home or outside your home or anywhere cuz this is so hazardous I do

not wanna hurt all you guys I was okay you're gonna see there you got to stay there to everybody I just cleaned vacuumed his car now his dog fur everywhere again very slowly grandma's payson 25 20 miles per hour we were gonna go slowly down a little park I hope another hat-trick don't hit the heart is usually a lady at this park that has like eight some dogs she whips some in the shape i don't like hey to my dogs really well Thank You chick Doug should only keep them a hug and yell at them I guess maximum but better that I don't want to hurt them it's no matter what you hit them and then they still love you too many way see how many people we got the party at random people it's not many people's day good we made it we survived how's everyone doing you ready to party you ready to party who are you Chris party gonna party boo boo boo okay hold on hold on one at a time we don't want everybody to be slipping and hurt themselves out yeah I rise card okay everybody there you go everybody run free Rufus come here I'm free ready to go Oh your voice yay happy new year to all you go

everybody go this is the trees there friday i don't do anything no they don't fight come here everybody okay Rufus Rufus nope oh don't do that come on okay scratch their mark in all of them oh the playground stuff rivest your last one come on you can make it too much writing for you it's not like a whoopee cushion Oh too much running crazy everybody no don't know overall net don't you dare cific oh poopy over the thought of nothing it just spraying fresh grass a bunch of grazing part a little dogs like a grass cuts there's something in their stomach or something like that I don't know but well the hell you don't stop rolling office i'll share your rolling it stop it yeah that's gross oh stop it you know where their seven guys like your own stuff we all do it or something or we say ah everybody sniff everybody no no don't do it no no do it you don't do that either are you kicking up everything what's with that let's what's with this huh just sniff test what's going on yeah what your father CP chick Morgan one everybody drink f by Satan why that's veggie times hold on his leash you can see just go crazy okay but new year

and a new resolutions what are your guys resolutions let me know Thomas below I know mines are is to improve my channel obviously is to keep growing and growing get better got a whole bunch of VR games still in stock i have yet to post i only did the lab right now and I think this tutorial but there's a bunch of other game so I like to put out three guys and also i'm doing a bunch of other collabs other people trying out right now spread out the word out soft Layton course you're gonna still have live streams every Friday possibly Thursday's will be gmod time night there's a third time or second time I did it it was actually good whoa what do you pick get back here what are you guys doing in there talk get back here what are you guys doing the head of coders nothing in that corner probably just exit airside no no come here don't go over there don't you dare go over there no matter why okay promise note that it's nick it boosts Snicket but uh since the winter sale at bato plush new games play a lot of games you've probably heard it before like case animatronics I guess layers of fear what else is there even gang beasts my friend good old pachuco give me that in

the more yellow because I gave him a genital jousting where co-op games more multiplayer more all the fun madness more possible jihad public time Punk do more does public games cuz it's really fun to have you guys come in during the live stream especially I'm just coming in a half what good time where did okay crazy thing about walking all decide all I gotta make sure to not doing crazy stuff because they were running around going free earlier causes mayhem yo he keeps forensic off and then I got a bunch of cuz they like to do that this year hopefully i'll be doing much better than the bravest share obviously you gotta you know i got new mikey new lighting my webcam and everything new people to collab with new games the flank you yaar knew everything and i also have an intention for for my future sake is probably yeah I also do YouTube as a long term but in the long run I don't know if I'll be able to do YouTube forever right no you know the platform will be stable enough to be constantly doing the same thing over and over so partly I'll probably be working on some individual games I guess my own indie games trying

out here in there because I did study game arts and design I'm like for my college I got a degree in it so might as well take a case of it I made a bunch of mods mate who copper a little android mobile game but since I got a HTC vive now probably making I'll be trying to make I guess five games cuz that's the new thing that's the new future new reality of gaming everybody just taking a pee break every time you guys come back here I still tired so fun but if I do start making like start working on a game for sure I still be doing last year's they'll be posting here and there but probably not as often because i am still limited on time working two jobs working take care my dogs doing all the stuff editing and everything like that it's a lot of time especially if I'm were to edit a game I gotta learn how to you know well really I already know some basics of how to make a game like scripting and importing exporting how to you know slow market and stuff like that what takes a lot to build your own indie game but you know if it comes to completion then I'll put online where you guys made new videos of you guys have any suggestions of games or you

know anything i should do possibly you just let me go sorry i haven't actually been doing a bunch of reading your comments videos i mean i know i said i was gonna start it and I only did one but actually it's a lot of editing and then when i started doing live shoes everybody just started asking me questions anyway hey hey guess why she works pretty well branson all your guys questions to be more here come there like how we're all just walking together good peaceful luck whoa everybody's crisscrosses ellicott it's gonna crazy now thank you guys so much for all of your support they had a great 2016 now we're gonna start a great no two top 17 new year everything going we're not stopping a poop but it's all because i don't know what kind thank you guys so much for your support and love and everything don't forget to comment like subscribe it all the good stuff that we've probably done pretty sure you guys do i already but thank you anyway again run boys to Lou here I rotten Oh God tree [Music] no you put it down no I gotta pick it up