31 March 2016

New Zealand Rabbits: Bunny Checks

With 8 does due in the next few days, I thought we should take a look at the current babies around the rabbitry. Be sure to find us on Facebook: ...

hello everyone can you believe it's been

a month already well for weeks we had the March looters now we're getting ready for April looters we've got eight those bread means a nice box again Haley I'm gonna stuff some nest boxes already got cardboard floors put in I use those plastic forest last year last month and they worked fine I don't like them as much as the cardboard so I'm going back if one of the mothers potty in the nest box at least with the cardboard it would get wet and it was soaked through and it would drip out and then dry put the plastic it didn't drip out oh the plastic just held it in there and I lost which only had one dough that was partying in her last box but she had ten and she lost at least five think she lost six I can't remember a little bit oh just finishing up these nest boxes there's eight of them so it was quite a few to stuff before we get to looking at the babies I had done a video a little while ago I bought two different styles of water bowl and once these are the ones that I like the best they were the ones that screwed into the floor what I didn't like was this one was too small I had to come out

and some of my grow up against the test them and they were too small for that which they did make a bigger size but since they were too small for those I was for the brudos and when I twisted them onto a page my wire that I make my cages out of is a heavier gauge and it snapped that right off they will not work the cages that I use because my gauge is just too big I don't know and it might be worth trying if you bought them and then figured out a way to foul the slot what it is it's like a plastic tab and that tab has little slots filed into them and then the wire fits in those slots and it keeps the ball from tilting from all those slots those little slits weren't big enough for my cages but you might be able to in some kind of song or a file or something to make those slots bigger I don't know I'm looking at a minimum of 50 cages that I have to do that - I'm not going to be about that is too time-consuming to sit there and make those slots bigger on Plus pages I'm just not gonna do it so what I done one minute what I've done is I like these like the other ones better but they didn't work these do work again

these were too small in my brudos but they are awesome for your individual records your bucks or your show pianist or you know just something that has one rabbit in it or maybe even two younger ones I really wouldn't recommend to young ones but you can probably get away with it especially if you want this would be okay so I've gone and bought some of these bigger ones for my brudos I'm gonna use smaller ones for my box and my chicken things I'm gonna use all right now here we have her Fargo and she is a bazooka Joe and Benelli dough and Benelli was not my day she was different breeders and I got the choice dough out of her that breeding and so I ended up with Fargo and these are her eight kids now she kindled eight and she still has eight she has one solid red which will probably end up being light in color most of the time a broken broken will produce a light colored red but we'll see how it turns out actually it doesn't look all that bad the other seven are really nicely broke or other six are nicely broken and then she has this one little Charlie and I'm crossing my fingers that it survives I have to look it up these kits are somewhere between

three and four weeks old I don't think they're quite four weeks yet but I think they're getting close and then here we have J six and she kindled six solid Reds and you can see the color difference these guys are much darker than that readout of the broken the broken but she kindled six and she still has six and they're about the same age somewhere between three and four weeks old okay and then this is Morningstar and Morningstar has six kits and these guys will almost ready to be weaned they're like seven weeks old so I'll be weaning them probably next week and she's done real well with hers so we're looking forward to see how they grow Wow okay and here we have Dora and Dora kindled eight and she has six left she's the one that has the three solids she's also was bred to Bazooka Joe so these are Bazooka Joe babies she's got two pretty marked brokens and then three solids and then she also has one charlie that I'm hoping to hang on to don't know if it's a buck or doe yet but hopefully it survives here's mountaintop she raised three of hers and again these guys are about

seven weeks old so they're gonna be weaned probably next week they're looking good niggers caracal the blue do she's the one she kindled ten and she is the one that used her nest box as a lure Fox out of ten she managed to raise she still has four left she's got one solid and three brokens and again these guys are three to four weeks old these guys are starting to catch up they were small and weak she just wasn't keeping them clean and wasn't taking real good care of them but she finally figured it out and now she set four left and she's doing real good with them now but they have seen Sally and she had if you remember she had five whites and she still has the five whites and then she had three solids here's one of them which is a still and then one of the others I gave over here to Rosie to balance out the litters but I'm hoping to have a really nice white buck out of this litter because I'd like to keep away and then here is the litter I'm really excited about this is Rosie and her letter she had four she had this little chestnut and this chestnut miss it but I sexed them when they were about

three weeks old so hopefully I've got them correct and if I am correct then that one is about and then here's Mustang Sally's steel which I did not sex during the water bowl and then here are the two broken chestnuts they both appear to be dosed so I will keep probably at least one maybe both I'm actually going to use them in my white program I was going to get out of whites and then I decided I'll keep two white those in the book and I'm reducing my Reds so since these guys are broken but they have the white parent I'm going to go ahead and keep a couple of these days and they're gonna be called my white days definitely keeping the broken still it's just going to be a me project just to produce me I have a few people that ask me all the time if I have any calls and I just don't have the calls that they want number wise so I'm going to keep some whites and I'm going to keep these broken chestnut and this broken still dough so that I can produce meat baby please is Biggers babies these are her two dough's she's got one broken do and one black dough and then over here on her box she's got a black buck and a broken

buck she had two broken bucks one of them died though so we only have the four out of her litter but we have a pair of brokens and a pair of black so I guess you can't beat that as the show goes here's Daisy she has already armed her legs she's just waiting until she reaches senior status and then I'll take her and get her registered and send off for her Grand Champion she's already got her legs so she's she's actually been bred she's one of the ones that's due here in the next few days and then here's noble noble has four legs noble cannot be registered and she cannot be granted because she does not have a full pedigree she is purebred New Zealand it's just the father didn't come with a pedigree and that's that she is now senior and so I will be breeding her pretty soon she is just shy of senior weight so she is going to be a slightly smaller doe but I have a plan to breed her to a really large buck so she should be able to produce some nice babies actually I have two new rabbits coming here in Oh what is it three weeks from now I think and I'm not gonna run the surprise I'll show them to you when they get here but I do

have two new rabbits coming a guy in Wisconsin I think he's gonna bring them down to me we're gonna meet at a show in Illinois and I'm gonna pick up the two rabbits there so I'm really looking forward to that then here's cross etat and cross etat has been getting very good comments but she is a junior and let's say she does have does she have a leg I think she has one leg I can't remember but she's been up against some stiff competition and so she hasn't done as well as I would like but I believe she will she just needed a mature up a little bit and she is just about there she's pushing seven and a half between seven and a half and eight pounds so she's big enough now that she can actually compete so in the upcoming weeks I'm looking forward to seeing what house she does now she also has a little nip in her ear and so some judges will dock for that and some won't then here's Maine in the black though she is still a junior and she's already on two legs she has been doing fabulous at the shows and she says hello close and personal and hopefully we'll get at least one more leg on her I will probably let her rest for a week or two

and then I'm going to bump her up to the intermediate class that way we can go ahead and get her older leg on her and then she will qualify the bug this is one of bazooka g joe's babies and he has earned a leg so he's going to continue being shown and to us selling and this is the same and this is a saw guy baby and he has earned a leg and last but not least is this guy and this is our J and he is out of Rogers and j6 he's been showing he's been falling in the middle of his class not last so not anything high over but he haven't taken first and won a leg yet either so nothing to brag about but these three books will be up for so at some point probably when I'm done show guys that's it for this week I'm gonna go ahead and put these nice boxes in with the dough's we got eight dough's bread that's gonna be doing the next few days so they all need nest boxes and then I have some days now reached senior status bucks and those actually so I need to get some updated dates weights on some of these guys so I get that but the program but anyway thanks for watching I hope you all had a wonderful Easter we had a good time I've went to Oklahoma and showed

their Easter and Meena on the way there and that was filming it was put there the week before that I haven't done the update on it I went to Benton Arkansas and there was only me and one other guy that showed up I took six rabbits he brought two so there wasn't enough rabbits and there wasn't enough exhibitors to brag about so I just went ahead and came home there was no point in showing when I couldn't run a leg or anything but I did get to meet up with the new guy and I enjoyed visiting with him and pretty much it so thanks for watching and until we speak again god bless