21 July 2015

Nighvale theory -Cecil Shot

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hello listeners and welcome to my nightmare theory

I'm hunter and before I begin my theory have a couple things I'd like to say to you all if you are re watching this video or just have a social graces of telli the barber i will put the time you should skip to for the theory on the screen so now a couple things you're going to need to know about my video the first thing I want to say is that this is my theory in no way shape or form and I'm applying that this is Kenny and although I would love to get criticism the comments below please don't be upset if you don't agree with something I've said wifi clash with your particular had Canon secondly this is my idea and I know we have a wonderful time based mission have to say this but please do not wash is video and then trying passes idea of is around I don't mind if you want to expand my theory make your own video or just use the concept that but here please it my video has inspired you or use my idea send me a message at different 13 at Live dot com as I'd love to see what you've done and give me credit when you do but something out there I myself am using transcripts from Seattle speaks along with the show itself to get a proper analysis with quotes thank you see so speaks thirdly this is a large dairy one fully fleshed-out and we'll take multiple videos to cover this video is a pilot for me see people really want to watch the rest as such I'm just putting out the idea is here if I see that you want more then I'll get to work on for the episodes for you and potentially add charts pictures may be in background music if you really want it okay pre pre rant rant done onto the pier and grant now I'm going to give you guys some the general

theory and a couple points with Flashdance play later on in other videos should they be made the main idea is that see so Carson Palmer is not in Knightdale and night they'll is not real before you tell me of course is not really it's a story it I mean in the context of the episodes night how does not exist night now is a construct two seasons mind to deal with the tragedy sea salt out at night now which I will now refer to as Elan was shot near the top the spine and paralyzed he then constructed night now as a simulated environment time to work through what's happened to him to write your palate for what's to come kevin is the source brother not his double or an alternate time I see so as i've seen floating around the web and kevin is his brother both oh and and in Knightdale or I and as of now refer to it and Kevin got the job she saw was working towards one sees a was shot oh and struck sparks internists ain't is an experimental procedure or product trying to make see so from his self induced coma carl s the scientists most likely a neuropsychologist it sees a has no idea what that is so he just knows carlos as a scientist who studies sites and the dog park is the real world and I'm now done with the prayer and rent time for the rent with this video I will cover episode 1 pilot present much as I figured out and as as close order to the episode as is reasonable the episode opens with the dog park wish see so tells us to start things off I've been asked to read this brief notice the City Council notice the opening up a new dog park at the corner

arrow in Somerset near the routes they would like to remind everyone that dogs are not allowed in the dog park people are not allowed in the dog park it's possible you'll see hooded figures in the dog park do not approach them do not approach the dog park the fence electrified in highly dangerous try not to look at the dog park and especially do not look for any period of time at the hooded figures to dog park will not harm you this tells us a couple things about the dog park the first being that no president night knocking and to the dog park this could be because the majority people night they are not real and just filler produced by Caesars mind to make the place feel like a real town and so cannot enter the real world AKA a the dog park we also know that I do think there's live in the dog park these are beings is he still does not recognize and their panties on are known to see so having recently been shot there'll be a lot of people that see some doesn't know moving around deal with the situation this could range from cops to nurses dependent people running for covers the point is there dante's are hidden from see-saw so it puts hands on them his false reality at night now see-saw also tells us not to approach the dog park telling us there's something out there that is bad potentially harmful are sadder could make us angry is best avoided and given that this theory is based on night helping a place to hide from are the real world it makes sense the Seas will want to stay away from the real world what the dog park I believe the biggest part

led me to believe dog park with the real world would be the dog park will not harm you paired with the obvious aversion to the dog park stated before saying at the dog park will not harm you implies that whatever is in there is either sad or angry and not potentially harmful which would make sense if he saw was already shot and being rushed you always n medical care /url world outside wouldn't hurt you anymore but you don't like what you find out there now it's been pointed out to me that the dog park might represent death which is a possibility but I prefer they give the dog park standbys in the real world because spy this if you just on my pal we've heard of characters ensuring am returning from dog park next we hear about all-woman Jesse and the car lot and hygienic friends to help her with household chores I believe old woman jesse is Caesar's neighbor an old friend shortly after being shot he would be visited by friends and family given that spy there's again his father he the either dead or laughed when he saw his young his mother is dead and his brother has been in town quite some time aldrin jesse was the first familiar faces saw when she came to check on see-saw very religious argument and undoubtedly told see-saw haven't had planned for him we just don't know when the AC at tiered hierarchy in angels which is know nothing about anyone being the sweet old lady she is she also paddle on to see so about her daily routine and a nice new neighbor Erica with the K who has been helping her around the house also erica's black next we hear about a scientist who has come tonight now

60 comments how we have all been scientists at one point or another in our lives but white now white here just what is the time to do with all those breakers and humming like Scott instruments in that lab he's renting it's clear with has he still speaks about science as something we've all done almost something even a monkey could do that he has very little respect for science and doesn't fully understand it this would be why all the signs that Carlos does has no we are meeting in Knightdale the real Carlos oh and is treating seesaw for psychological trauma explains to see so what's going on in Caesars head and what carl s is doing at sea salt doesn't understand how this is saying and all just sounds like science in that's why I and Carlos is saying I have yet to figure out big Rico and how he plays into this or why sees or talks that helicopters but what he says about the helicopters gives us our first glimpse sizzles childhood world government not a good area for play tells us to see some fines the government delicious and dangerous the shared secret police hardly ever take a child if they hardly ever take one and that means that sometimes they do about children and people may notice the child is missing but it's no big deal they were taken this shows that see-saw at least if not the entire community he grew up in is desensitized police brutality and abduction from this I exactly the season grew up in a bad area potentially slums although I think a small highway town where likely and getting to why where the police force often abuse their power and took what they wanted from the civilians including children

as for the helicopters with intricate murals depicting pared to pray diving I believe they represent biker gangs are passed through sees his hometown these bikers would most likely have tacked use the mural super to pray they would not stay for long or give names so nobody knows who they are or what they want and as paranoid as his mother appears to be he would have undoubtedly been told to stay away from them and potentially the high into the police came around to let everyone know it was safe from these clues about seasons home town during the skeletons fun pack science corner I believe night have to be based on a southern US town near a highway with very little supervision up its police force see-saw than comments on the rivalry with desert loss which I'll spend upon further during sandstorm part B upset Carlos says nightmare was most scientifically interest in community in the US night how was the source mental state so Carlos oh and fine seasons condition interesting and rare but not dangerous as he's going to try to work through night failed to help see-saw that is why he is a resident night now because the actively participates in it we do know that car this is science involves a lot of equipment and data as well so I'm assuming he's a neuropsychologist study how NYC so is dealing with this trauma by creating a false world live in seasons description Carlos can be taking the same I and and ON see some mentions that he fears for anyone caught between what they know and what they do not yet know that they don't now and although in the episode is set a reference to Carlos sisters our friend himself with this line oh and a seesaw knows what's happened to him oh and refuses to acknowledge it

therefore is more than knowing but see-saw I N is oblivious to the events that happened ON and so heats not net no what he does not now next see some mentions new waterfront area which unfortunately has no water I believe given night now is sea salt and seemingly incorporates many elements from both his past and his current condition the waterfront area is representative as the house mouse where waters to be found coupled with future info which is only math help make this worth mentioning John Peters you know the farmers imaginary card shows as he saw was not eating or drinking that night now the desert with no water or real food some prizes condition Merit Systems be in I V now here's the most important point for my theory from the first episode the NRA announcement guns don't kill people it's impossible or be killed by gun we are all invincible the boys its a miracle this tells us above all else that sea solo shot he survived a bullet but he barely nearly died accident was miraculous he was then rushed to a hospital where the boat was removed but he was almost completely paralyzed in the process more proof coming in the shape mission Grove Park and decided that living in his fantasy world might fail was better than facing the difficult reality up his new life at this point I would like to point out that the banquette menacing different agents to are following Carlos I'm most likely government investigators following up on attack at a local radio station more proof in best stuff episode where a man was shot the Apache Tracker is a character that I've had

difficulty finding heaven for and without hear your ideas in the comments below I heard hypothesis is that he might be a faith healer who is trying to help seasonal support this see so does not like or trust the Apache tracker if item over the top and as if you something out of a racist cartoon I think take these points towards a faith healer because he says already shown us he did not believe in a divine power his denial of the existence of angels season does not believe in heavenly intervention and a faith healer would seem pointless and potentially insulting see-saw this next one is a little bit of a stretch and not necessarily work the time it takes to explain but I find it quite interesting so here it is anyway the Arby's is easels drought it's a place for food and it's very dear to see so its Carlos is in his spot and the spotted his voice the one thing it really has left after being paralyzed lights were seen about the Arby's not lies up the Arby's something higher and beyond that from the real world if she saw a shot and the boarding pass clean through there need operate to remove the bullet dust bright lights that are intelligent enough to have a game pretty sweet we aren't you he describes them as invaders which could be people operating on C so from another world the real world now if the board his spinal cord or near his drought it could have paralyzed him surf and operate on a bullet paralyze the so causing him to create a keyed into his fantasy world night fell to cope they don't make sense for the board to be near his throat and that's the lights by stout

making the Arby's rather than any other food serving building see-saw sprout and now listeners I take you to my point about the weather weather in night now is weird the weather report each episode is a new song each day during which every person and I now stocks and listens to the weather we know that whether oh and I was relatively limited options and is not music orders everybody stopped observing at once so I N weather must be taken symbolically at this point I decide to give more general description of whether to work with I decided on the conditions outside given that we know sea salt to be in a hospital on an IV it's unlikely that he even knows what the oh and whether it is so you must take outside to mean outside at night now but inside the building see some must maintain a proper and secure sad total reality for night now to remain as powerful idea in his head as it is mean that he must have been a dick 100 night out San Clemente stock apps condition and surroundings without admitting that he's living in his own head this is where the weather comes in every day see some reports the weather which would be ON see-saw listening to a song on the radio well his conscious mind is preoccupied with the song his subconscious mind takes inventory the status without alerting his conscious mind during the times he sows unconscious minds focused on now the task all events tonight they'll come to a standstill I see so was giving it now thought so the weather is a fast 8 built into Seattle defense mechanism

wake him if his life depended on I don't have any power points to make about this sun setting up the wrong time the city under bombing five or Carlos testing for materials as that the Act and so that brings us to see so signature sign a and to the Andaman theory for this app said thank you for watching and listening to me ramble on about a fictional city in the mind of a fictional character and please it might very interest you and you like to hear more show me that I should keep making videos for you and hit like thank you and goodnight listeners goodnight