18 April 2019



are they so money right pokerface I'm in

the gang right you know with the bank maybe eight nights to permit disease in a straight fight to me cut all my fault let me get in my song yes Lord starting off this vlog a little bit different day already know what time it is man she bought a Rachel where's kid I am headed to go meet up with crews and Redman he got he got something man and he hooking you boy up helping me out cuz he knowed it you know retro was looking for this you know I'm saying so y'all go to the charity shop first I'm rocking out with your boy gon hang it and subscribe play make sure y'all Rena notification bill that way I don't miss any of the content I put out on the channel as well as let's try to get this video up to 800 likes hit it's plaque in whatever it is to do just make sure you do what you do it show best cuz at the end of the day y'all that's all that matters is that you get y'all this and drop or comment down below and let me know if y'all if y'all got these that I'm picking out right now and how do you all feel about about the whole y'all see it man and then we're gonna get into them shoes because I know y'all want to talk about

the shoes and I want to talk about the shoes so let's go ahead man this key stay there bro amen that's that love bro that's love for real y'all can't see crews and drew his face is like home improvement but you see he frenched it dip right now you know I'm saying got the threes on okay this law showing when you're close oh oh they won't they want to see the Whitbread got a bad back so that's it I'll see you face I tried top sent me the link man back in the crib y'all before we get to talking about these SB dog walkers man let's go ahead and let's look at number 55 y'all shut up to the bro crews in drag I seen a man he blessed me with two of these things man I really appreciate that bro I appreciate the love and support you know I don't know Cruz and dread is man if y'all on this channel y'all know Cruz and dread is y'all know from skinny's channel as well he is part of a wrench gang on both channels and bro is also the one that bought us the Doernbecher sixes when they drop so come on man I'm gonna take this one out man just let me check it out now this is a fanatic exclusive as it says right here on the

box y'all see right there says fanatic exclusive here we go y'all that Jordan funk oh man this thing is slick man of course you know check his Footwear he got in Concord zone man I think that that is super Fuego how to idea that but really really glad to add this to the sneaker dungeon family of fun cause y'all know I have only Jordan related Funko's at this time of course you know they got me goals and different stuff like that coming out but I am super super glad that I was able to add this one to the collection y'all now let's get into these dog-walker as bees talk about the Nike SB dunk hot dog walker this shoe has great details to the shoe should I say and I mean it's kind of one of them shoes like I said I don't know I don't know there's a lot of things about the shoe that sell it to me but then there's a lot of things about the shoe that I don't like it is it is releasing on 4/20 we know that for 110 dollars sneakers app is gonna have them how limited do you guys think they're gonna be I don't think they don't live up to the expectations of the skunk high which I'm gonna throw a pitcher and a skunk high

up right here or right there or over on a whole screen for you guys so you got see that but the dog walker is pretty much made up it has a dope combination to the shoe just looking over the shoe you know as I see in these pictures is made up of the different type of textures trying to give it that premium look you can tell like I guess the green can represent the grass you know you have the red you have the red swoosh that complements it well this kind of like a chain the dog chain then you have the Nike SB dog tag that you know you could have hanging on your for your dogs and all that stuff it's crazy how they gave it this doggy bag with brown laces like you got in the bag like you're picking up at the park and on the insole of the shoe of course you can see all the different dogs that are on the insole of the shoe of course nobody's gonna see that unless you know you show them the insole of the shoe oh I think that the shoe has a very dope vibe to it as a very dope way of connecting men's best friends with the kicks as I should say and it's it's different y'all it's a different vibe I'm not honestly I don't know how I feel about like the pony hair

Calipari whatever they want to say kind of hair it's on it i'm not sure if i'm fillin st anyway i'm not sure how i feel honestly about me actually copying this shoe do you guys think this shoe has resale value I didn't check but you know what let's check to see if they have a price on stock X right now as of right now y'all you can see that the shoes are going not that highest course smaller shoes are going for a little bit more in my size though however 270 which I guess that's a good price form to be going for 110 of course if I cop them of course I'm getting over oh yeah hard no steals and deals baby tomorrow should have a brand for is and of course I'm gonna be giving you guys a full review and often things lucky I was able to hit on the sneakers and ass I believe that that was Monday yeah it was Monday I think but whenever they get the shock drop I was able to hit on those it took me a look I like I'll explain more on how long it took me to get the shoe and how I was able to I feel like I was able to cop the shoot but i'ma try this method next time but we'll we'll see but y'all let me know what y'all think about the dog-walker I think that the shoe

it's dope the concept is stupid though Nike it can come out with some very dope concepts and I mean no no man I'm diggin the shoe but I'm not digging it I don't think enough to buy it yes I do love dogs you know I got two dogs Dutch it's a novel but it's a mom and the daughter actually but it's just like I don't know I just don't know if I'm really feeling the fur on the shoe but y'all let me know if you guys are gonna be trying to go after this shoe on 4/20 this Saturday for it suggested retail sticker of a hundred and ten dollars sneakers app will have them I'm not sure if it's going to be a draw yet because you know they always they'll switch it up on sneakers app in a blink of an eye but as of right now I think it's just gonna be one of the ones where you try to get in line and you get them what is still out like they did with beating links I'm not sure I I don't know stuck high when that one drop y'all know that going for some bread right now in that one I would honestly say is probably that's that you don't s be like no cat bro if y'all have ever seen that shoe in person and actually got to touch it I feel like has very good materials that was used on the

shoe however I don't know about these I would just be on a shop you know of course I might trying to go after them no Who am I kidding I'm not going after him you know I'd be lying if I told you that I'm trying to go after those only thing that I really want her to stay skinny level lows this weekend and of course trying to scoop them things up and hit the PX I can't get up from the PX but I'm slide over there so y'all let me know what y'all think about these Nike SB hi dog walker I said walkers it's just Walker dog walker the concept everything they did on the shoe is very dope and very unique I'm diggin that but I just don't know if I want to buy the shoe and I know I'll be honest I know I'm not going after this shoe on sanity I'm only going after the snakeskin 11 lows and of course I should be able to pick those up and y'all know y'all begin that one foot I mean we ever seen that shoe since 2001 so definitely a must cop to add to the sneaker dungeon family now if y'all knew - Chum y'all made it this far make sure you hit that subscribe button identification builder join a sneaker dungeon family follow me over on all my

social media platforms don't forget we have the balls giveaway at 4k at 4k we gonna be doing a giveaway with born a while so balls clothing y'all say 25% link in the description box using wizkid at checkout hey I love y'all I appreciate the continuous love and support appreciated the camera bro Cruz and Rand and yall already know what it is man I'm gonna see y'all tomorrow for that bread for reviewing home food [Music] you