19 April 2019


Resell looks solid at the moment median of $225 - COST + FEES = $75 profit Pre release* At the moment. Nike SB Dunk High WALK THE DOG Nike SB Dunk ...

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back to another episode of sneaker huddle I'm your host junior Dunlap and today we're going to be talking about the upcoming release of the sb dunks that are going to be dropping this week this Saturday on 4/20 which is April 20th SB they always do some type of collaboration or some type of celebration - 4/20 which is the holiday that some of celebrating some of us stole that's entirely up to you guys and up to the individual but anyways getting back into this release it is the walk the dog SB we're going to be talking about how limited are these what is the availability where are you going to be able to these and lastly for you resellers out there we're going to do an estimated resale prediction size bust size so if you have you guys please do smash that subscribe button to stay 100% up-to-date on this release and all future hype releases and let's get straight into it [Music] Nike SB is no stranger to yearly 4/20 celebrations in 2019 Nike SB released yet another SB dunk walk the dog the sneaker is equipped with green suede

overlays and bright red swooshes that catch the eye in its leash on the underlying hairy panels pushes connection to man's best friend in both black brown and spotted variety the sneaker is also equipped with a bone shaped tag that comes attached along the rear tab also the most unique part of this shoe is that it does come with a spare set of brown laces that are to be stored in a doggie bags now I know a lot of people are a big fan of this sneaker and a lot of people hate it myself I'm not gonna be wearing this sneaker I would not be found wearing the sneaker but for you guys that do love this sneaker we're gonna just going to follow through on this video as if it's just something that I love now you can't find these sneakers at local skate shops all around which I will post a list of those skate shops down below in the video description once they are totally available and also I will post all raffles if there are any raffles I haven't heard of many raffles but if there are any you can find them down below in the video description and also you can get these on Nike sneakers which is going to be the best bet

for most of us which will be at 10 a.m. Eastern Time on Saturday April 20th right now we're gonna head over to stock X I'm gonna put that up on the screen for you guys as always and we're gonna do an estimated resale prediction size by size the first release that we're going to compare to the walk the dog releases is the all-star release during all-star weekend we got the Nike SB done Black Sheep Hornet which was a collaboration with a local skate shop in Charlotte North Carolina which is black sheep now if we scroll down you can see is a very good-looking dunk has teal and blue which hints the Hornets colorway so it's a really good design we did have elephant print all around but anyways getting away from this sneaker guys these dropped in Charlotte exclusively on the day after Valentine's Day on February 15th so if we take a look right now we're two days prior to the walk the dogs dropping we're gonna go to stock X we're gonna take a look which first of all we are looking at a size 10 I feel like 10 is a really good size to go by because it's not too big and it's not too small so we're gonna go off size 10

we're gonna take a look at this graph so they did drop I said on February the witch I'm sorry I so now that I think about it I was in Charlotte for NBA all-star weekend and the exclusive pack though you had like a rim which with a special box which is this release right here this is the one that dropped on the day after Valentine's Day on February 15 so this isn't really going to be comparable and it wasn't even this one this is the one with a special box this would be the one that dropped exclusively on the 15th now the special packaging which comes with like a basketball a hoop and like some other accessories so I know if you guys remember if you think back the NBA all-star weekend we got these black sheeps on the Nike sneakers app and throughout various skate shops excluding blacks black sheep skate shop like a week after so we're gonna add seven days to that 15 is when stock X is telling us that these released so let's look around the 23rd so you can see once these got in the mail guys on bed twenty-eight they're selling for 160 160 155 156 and it's pretty steady around 150 and now they're all the way down to

like 137 and the last transaction for the size Tim was 135 so just keep that in mind these were really high one point prior to the release they were at 260 dollars and now they are all the way down to half of that almost at 135 dollars so just keep that in mind when we go to these walk the dogs because I mean honestly look at these shoes guys I know I'm not a big fan of them so it might be slightly biased but the black sheep Hornets look way better than the walk the dogs but we're gonna take a look at the walking dogs note that the black sheeps were selling for 260 prior to the release and these are selling for 250 so guys honestly I think that these two releases are going to be very comparable the black sheeps pretty much bricked you might have been able to make 10 bucks off of them 20 bucks off of them depending on if you got the pair from a skate shop that day if you get the pair from a skate shop that day you might be able to sell these walk the dogs on stock X and/or go and make $20 $15 but it's not going to be anything too significant unless Nike throws us a major curve ball and these sneakers are

way more limited than what I'm anticipating them to be but it looks like when I look at the list of retailers they're very similar to the black sheeps which the stock numbers are gonna be very similar is what I'm assuming so with that being said guys I do not think that these walk the dogs are going to be extremely profitable I mean they do have a design on the outsole at the bottom of the outsole of the sneaker with poop on them so I don't really think that a lot of people are gonna be a really big fan of this sneaker I can't really see them paying anymore from the for the black sheeps that they're gonna pay more for this if that makes sense so with that being said guys buy at risk Nike sneakers they do have free returns hip these sneakers are a lot more limited than what we're anticipating then yeah absolutely you're going to be able to sell them for like 175 plus if they are extremely limited but if they're kind of what I'm expecting I'm expecting them to resell anywhere from a ballpark of 150 to 160 well guys that's all the information that I have for you today with this release be sure to smash that

subscribe button if you haven't already god bless each and every one of you thank you for commenting thank you for liking it means the world to me god bless each and every one of you I'll see you guys in the next video peace