22 October 2015

nissan patrol lacking in power

For any inquiries please call (02) 9907 6662 So all the work that was carried out on this vehicle was. -Test turbo and make sure it was boosting properly (we ...

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y61 TD 42 regular customer else coming in this cars now got three hundred and ten thousand K's on it over the last couple services we've noticed not really warming very well it's lack of power no smoke or anything core no weird noises whatsoever so the customs accepted that as well now brought it in to see what we can do to rectify some power issues so we can get it a bit more responsive so I've come in I've tested the power the boosting pressure and all that it's it's quite good it's boosting through the rev range really well it's bursting up to eight and a half to nine psi on full throttle so that's quite good so rule the turbo out for any problems injectors have never been out of this vehicle they're actually going to buy some exchange injectors so we can do a quick turnaround on it and the exchange injectors will have brand unison injector tips and needles in them will replace all the all the filters and washers and whatnot but whilst we're going to do we got to do a D carbon to this one as well just to help it it'll help overall also going to do a tap it adjustment so we'll show you that as

well rocket cover gaskets leaking a little bit not bad that was one of the things we hadn't molasses to do so I've got to do a few things to it and then once we've done the tappets the injectors will do a bit of a d carbon a clean up we'll run some solution through the injection pump as well and we might just play with the pressure the fuel pressure on the diesel injection pump as well so a little bit more response out of it once the injectors have done see how we go with that so I think they're pretty decent job on this one okay we're about halfway through the tappet adjustment most of the tappets loose so you'll actually get a benefit out of adjusting these you'll get a bit more performance out of this as well I've got all the injectors out that's all the injectors are quite carb and up so we're going to be replacing those shortly too okay so we've got the car back together we've put new injectors in it reconditioned injectors with new indoor caps adjusted the engine rockers ran the vehicle running quite well we're going to run the cleaner solution

through the injection carpet or gas with injectors as well I later actually just started it it's running some black stuff coming out of it already so this will do the internal clean on the injection pump that'll run through without 4500 facade this point fighting Oh tight playing laughs oh well the big big common to discuss the valve in the Houston proportionate world okay so we're doing the inlet they gobble down the Bell second bottle man and I see the end of it on the corner let's pick it up hi down on this Washington wanted 842 dot filling dick is dr. bean campus because the car with white Oh north nice boys they are - this part is anything both for him

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