11 January 2017

Northern Tails Pet Resort

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so for any doggie parents out there if

you're looking for a place to take your loved one when they you have to go don't worry there is a place for you this morning Ansley Watson is in manistique at a pet resort to tell us more first off Ansley how are the roads heading down yeah the roads weren't too terrible I mean obviously there were some slick parts so definitely take caution when you're on the roads but not as guys we expected actually but you're right i'm standing in northern a tails pet resort in manistique now you might ask what exactly is a pet resort well it's a perfect place to come and bring your dogs we need to drop and walk for a few hours a day a week or even more and they will be completely comfortable there's inside heated kennels and exactly two doggies sweets I'm so excited to show these off to you but later we're going to be meeting up with the owner and just talk about what she can do for you and your pets to stay with us reporting live Manistique Ansley Watson TV 6 News all right thank you very much Ansley sounds like a cool place to check out even though they do have heated suites for the dogs yes thank goodness for that welcome back northern tails pet resort

located in manistique open about a month ago and they're very excited to get things going for you and your pets Ansley Watson is there this morning learning more about the fantastic amenities they have good morning gansley good morning Vicki well if you ever need a place to bring sweetpea this would be a great place it is so fun here for dogs join me this morning is Jessica Dibble and she's the owner here northern tails pet resort good morning morning so also we've got to introduce Geno here do you know you know the party of the show and we were talking we have no idea what kind of doggie is right now he is a total mix no he came from a puppy mill situation and we we couldn't guess what he is so well he's totally adorable super fun so basically you just opened about a month ago where did this idea of opening the spout resort come from well I've always worked with and love to work with animals and there's a huge need in this community for a place to bring your pets both during the day and overnight and so the idea just kind of sprung just talked about your background with being involved in and dogs and pets I went to school and became a vet tech

and then i also got certified as a dog trainer I've worked at the animal shelter here in town for two years now so I've been working with the dogs there and training with the dogs there so it's been a lot of fun but right now we're actually standing in your training room and the pet resort how I guess it's like how do you even begin training dog midna that you know each dog is has its own individual training regimen that they need and it just you take it individually with each one and work to find out what they need so do you accept all ages yeah puppies two adults two seniors any dog can be trained and where are you located at where can people find you we are just five miles out of Manistique in thompson township right across from the brand new gas station [Music] know all her work went into building this yeah lots of hardware know you've been working since August on the place and we open December 15th so yeah I've had lots of help from family and friends so that was great I know you said there's actually room to expand if that if the need arises what else are you planning on doing in the future wait

right now we're working on a cat room so we'll be able to take cats as well as dogs and then we're also planning on putting in a grooming salon to rent out to a groomer so that'll be exciting and then we're also planning on just expanding our kennel space too we have ten kennels right now but we'd like to have some more speaking of the kennels we're going to go check them out later in the next segment but they're heated they're a great place for dogs you actually have a couple doggy sweets I do yeah how does this idea arrival like we should probably put some sweets of that we want to make the dogs feel as much at home as they're able to be you know so they have some TV a little toddler bed in there for them lots of blankets you know a carpet so that they feel like they're at home and not in a scary place of course we're later in the air stay with us because we're going to go check that out reporting live manistee gansley Watson TV 6 News alright sounds like a great place to check out thank you very much Ansley as we're starting up the day for those who have pets I know my dog was not happy cuz the snow is deeper than she is tall

so come back a brand new pet resort is now open in manistique ansley Watson is at northern tails pet resort learning more about this really nice place for your furry friends to stay so a good morning ansley good morning Vicki well earlier we were in the training room and now this morning we're checking out the heated or indoor kennels joining me this morning Jessica Dibble and she's the owner here good morning morning so this is just opened in December crack it's pretty brand-new brand-new place for people to bring bring their dogs future you're looking at bringing cats as well is there a time limit where people can bring their dogs and leave them for how long there's no time limit as long as you know as long as I like their dog to stay here they're welcome here well let's check out the candles here as we go down it's you have 10 and hide what animals yeah and we go down and there's actually a couple sweets and I can't wait to show these off because it is they're so fun but what would you like people to know about your business since you just started you know our goal is to save as much quality time with your pet while they're here as we're able we do

daily walks and then also they get time out in the art if the owner chooses they can play with other dogs but they don't have to it's completely up to them and we just want to spend as much time with them as we're able to so they get lots of people time time you know playing in the yard with the ball all those things so definitely your open year-round yes and so I guess there's no limit on what breeze or types of dogs that can come here no not at all any and all types all sizes you also do it training here as well what goes into that we have classes we do puppy classes in the winter but we do all different kinds of basic obedience classes in the summer for all ages we also do private training and that can be for any age any breed all ages can learn so we're excited just as excited to get a puppy as we are seeing your dog and then we you know we do pack box in the summer so community pack walks so that anybody can come at every event and we go to the boardwalk so a way to kind of socialize your dog only we were just checking out the sweet I guess it's almost like why did you want to put those in here as well what was the thought process behind no no I

just want them to be as comfortable and most at home that they're able to be the TV the bed people you know people love that they feel more comfortable leaving their dog there and their dog feels more comfortable having that somehow familiar something that seems more like home and not just a kennel where are you located at we are five miles out of Manistique right across from the gas station in thompson township okay well just is there anything else you'd like to say about the the northern tails pet resort I just hope that everybody gets a chance to step out and see the place and hopefully bring their dogs here well thank you so much for joining us it's been an absolute blast thank you thank you reporting live in manistee gansley Watson and we'll be back more of your teeth it's more news after the break [Music]