07 November 2018

Nothing to do and me sitting in the house alone

hey guys it's me Liliana and I'm so

starving you having impact my channels so long I mean there haven't been any new videos because I've been doing YouTube videos anymore but now I decided that I play with it and I'm like no I'm gonna have to we have a break up playing and then I just remembered about my special YouTube channel so I'm not gonna let you down now okay but I'm so sorry there's not gonna be any new videos on lo Liana Bremer piscis wa I'd lost that phone I'm so sorry guys bad least you have 200 videos to watch on each phone yeah so guys so um what do you wanna do today I just came up here for no reason mmm yeah it came here for no reason oh no please I'm just doing nothing this anything on the couch playing on my phone and then at this one on my youtube channel I forgot I was doing nothing so I'm so sorry guys but unless I have something to do show you um was it called again and it for around my friend list my grandma's part of the half stub so these are the fish I know they're only for are they live no directly form and you remember somebody with a new fish yeah

do you remember Rex guys wait wait he's died besides it's okay Rex is not here but that's okay remember Maxim like always I always over here because I'm on the top top the last up stairs up that's my part of the house so guys just like oh yeah there's like 15 to Lords on this house isn't that crazy of them so guys again they're gonna get more studying okay so guys I don't know what to do I we were just sharing forget about stuff really easy math I'm stepping and it's November well guys I mean look at the date what sorry guys so much just move something which shows the date but it's November my grandma stop here I mean she's not like in the bed I doubt she is but she's absolutely in the house yeah she's not look in the house she's like in the backyard yeah okay so guys all I remember is that it's November so nothing to do I just had a great dumb idea I mean idea put rack on his lease and then ride him in the house how crazy without it but no that's just a dumb idea

oh my god okay so guys I'm sorry if you see this but okay so dice Luba what you ha Oh Baby what oh my god I'm so sorry I can't I can't put on flash I'm so sorry okay so again hey guys watch this so I'm still sitting on the cat or so guys for body to me I just laugh and then we're positive is so cool right guys I know I know I step believe in unicorns and mermaids and everything what's not real okay so that's odd stories in here why would I read this I had this since I was two I mean the one whatever so once upon a time there was a princess - what a mermaid and she may never gave up what she was doing and she had a pet we would had a pet oh yeah what effect often I was just wondering why does and then that act and I just remember it's fun it's a piece so it might be the same yeah okay so you had a pet dog thing and doffing it always went on adventures that's the first piece of the story okay oh oh my god let's put this so bad oh my god but it's help yeah so guys that was more hardened tonight and they always black on in

furnitures and he heard dad the fish it's weird why is her dad of fish um he said no more I'm finna I must grant you're gonna get grounded because this stuffing is no help and she said I'm sorry dad but Dora fish and dolphins I'm much stronger than fish and you know even clean you make me clean and and she helps me clean okay and that is it read my story so guys there's more than I expected yeah so that it'll bloom gorgeous video so