08 October 2019

Oct 6, 2019 Travel Ramblings 1 Taking Pogo, dog, to dog sitter

Brother's old dog will not be bothering his nieces by needing to go out or be fed.

that's another dog in the back there's

this dog right here yes I have been sleeping that's cotton cotton plantation I'm trying to read signs I don't have my glasses on [Music] everyone here worship donald's [Music] max peel of Collard yellers that's a master shouts I bet everyone's thrilled to have that power tower there probably don't want curious it within 500 meters are all getting irradiated so we're in North North Carolina are just northeast Carolina there it goes broke list Creek we're gonna dog just begging for attention yes we went off on the side of the road but they didn't do much except sniff I am knocked out Wow feels right I'm predisposed to this because apparently parents used to take me on road trips when I was a child that's three abound of the mountains abound abandoned houses in Aurora there but these date now road trips so it fall

asleep I run the vacuum or something like that I became a little drive me around trying to get simpler the morning I was born they drove beer around I thought it was born at like 5:00 in the morning well all the following ok one day old in a car no one knows why I have this predilection for being in the car so I've done pretty good for the last seven to nineteen last twelve years without driver I always spin a night out yeah spent all night struggling to get out Abraham's welcome to Windsor there's one of these towers yeah 17 North turn right at Windsor oh yes North Carolina so how land of only retirees yeah you too I have cottonmouth how's that possible mom's stuck in their pocket yeah there's a power station but I bet you that's not producing any radio frequencies yeah it's to the right it's totally baffles me because I'm pretty little turned around gracious take a moment

behind us all right grab the cashie river and the road no River Basins Oh answer it you don't you're just gonna drive she just says something okay thank you that looks much better buy here pay here pues auto sales normal houses normal is to be just because they all I have the same stupid pretend storm shutters I'm sick of storm shutters like that didn't even make sense and windows that work are down six feet wide and they have a 1 foot wide storm shutter which is even pretend at that stinks barbecue wonderful waters look that doesn't even make sense scribes good job either a joke jumpin boy birdie-birdie County Bertie County that's right I'll tell you something little bit about Bertie County boys and Bertie County boys I don't pay to 45000 no they go across the street faint assembly God and they get that coupon so you pay your time you go over to gas station you say ten cents that's right not twenty four cents 10 cents no matter what time of the year it is that's how these birds kind of boys do

it oh I don't want to hear no southern accent that's a fancy building that's right at least none of the industry from here has been stolen by China there's a whole lot of grass everybody has his big ol wine and no one wants to pay for it everyone was free lawn care but they home there's no garden in there just a lawn just a dead squirrel sila road all right cherishes me love thank you for looking at my dashboard that was a that was poison ivy fine that was his big as a car tire that was crazy all right